"The Kid (1921)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

What would happen to the cinema now, if the world did not recognize a simple boy from the slums with the simple name of Charlie Chaplin. What would modern paintings if Chaplin had not come in the world of cinema - we'll never know, and, frankly, do not want to know this
Charlie Chaplin -. Man who radically transformed the world of cinema, the person in much we owe today's cinema. It was he who first created the cinematic image, a man of character, he created not just a "puppet" who can not speak, he created man with feelings and emotions, which is able to empathize, can be sad, can understand well, and most importantly - can laugh.
usually named Chaplin comedies are always connected, because it is, first of all, a brilliant comedian, well and then everything else. But it was not there. Where nazhglos comedy place, there is a place and a true drama. "Baby" - this is the case. And do not say that «The Kid» - this is pure drama, not at all, but rather a tragi-comedy, which is so elegant, so skillfully and cleverly combines two, at that time, hardly compatible genre
«Kid." - one of the most heavy paintings Chaplin. The history of its creation is very exciting. At the time of filming and editing, Chaplin divorce from his wife of another, which is required to compensate this material. Actor and director had to wander around the country, in order to preserve their offspring. Fortunately, he kept it, and saw the light of this great work of the legendary man.
probably was not in the era of a little movie so skillful actor and director, Kojima was Chaplin. His "Baby" - this great work is not only 30 years of the twentieth century, but also the lifetime of the film. Comedian managed to combine a very touching story about "foundlings" from his humorous inserts
For me, personally, "Baby." - it's still a drama, and on it there are objective reasons. The picture tells the story of true love between the adopted child and the father, who himself barely making ends meet took care of the baby. For fifty minutes of the director, and he is also part-time actor shows us the true light the love between father and son. Chaplin dilutes these bright feelings are very funny, so that there is fun, funny accents of the lives of these two vagrants. Glazier work, fight scene - this and much more do not let the smile leave the face, but it's still a drama
At the very end, when declared "mother" of the child, when the social.. Service tries to take the baby from his father, then there is no place for a smile. Here begins the most genuine empathy and desire to help the protagonist in the fight against this injustice, and then see whether some careless mother five years later, all of a sudden you see, and thought better of it, one wonders where these five years, when her baby was growing up, began to speak and walk she was, but that's another conversation. Plus all this is happening at almost does not stop the chic music.
Despite the visual simplicity Chaplin paintings that they have such a mysterious and attractive. Through ten years this film there will be as many as a hundred years, a whole century, but this movie is still alive. "The Kid" - is the perfect gigantic motion picture, which can be reviewed dozens of times, and each time watching it for the first. As it says: "The concept is simple" - to verify this, it suffices to look at this picture, and all questions will disappear by themselves
Chaplin filmed a movie for the people, the people also pay for it love it.. And let the time Chaplin was expelled from the United States, though he returned in 1972 only to get "Honorary Oscar" - love for creativity Chaplin remained in the United States, it has remained to this day all over the world
"Kid." - it is a genuine masterpiece, the golden classics of world cinema that touches deeply, laugh to tears, filling you with warmth and light. Charlie Chaplin - is "the little man a great movie", which is required to modern cinema very much.

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