"The Kid (1921)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I'm not ashamed to go back to Charlie!
I do not ashamed to go to those whom I love very much ...

I have not watched the films of Charlie Chaplin more than five years. It was a bit scary, as revised some pictures (that I liked before), there was no joy. After time passes and things change, but I'm still confident in the film Chaplin is one hundred percent. I wanted to start slowly with short films, but then I changed my mind. If we decided to return, then to complete the program and in the pool with his head. Therefore, once one of the most famous films of Chaplin ...
girl decides to get rid of the kid (his father abandoned, and no money), throws him into the car, which after a couple of seconds stolen by bandits. Later they noticed the baby and throw it in the trash. And then there he is! What a strange drifter in a very funny trousers and huge shoes. On his head the bowler, and a mustache nose. Tramp gets etui, where he is a half-smoked cigarette. He lights a match and lights on the shoe next to the garbage can. That's where the bandits left the baby. Tramp finds him and raises to take a closer look ...
So begins this incredible story that captivated a large number of people around the world and still continues to conquer. The film was released back in 1921, but even now it is very actual. The real magic of cinema. Chaplin made a movie on the new times. He was very popular at the time and has collected a decent cash. Chaplin loved, so he went to a movie, but it is not important. And the main thing here is that Chaplin was able to perfect cross comedy and drama. "The Kid" - a perfect tragicomedy. In general, one of the best films in the world, where one of the main roles played by a small child.
The cinematography is full of paintings, where children play no worse than the adults, but Chaplin was a pioneer. It is said that his kid was playing just fine. There were even rumors allegedly Chaplin nasnimal so much material that it would be enough for several films. Chaplin was still a perfectionist and always strive for the best. The boy's name was Jackie Coogan. He became very popular after the release of this film, so I continued to play the movie and beyond. I'll shock you, but it was he who played Uncle Fester (!) In the mind-blowing series "The Addams Family." I myself could not believe it at first, but it was him. Jackie asked such a high bar for his acting game, that even now, in some scenes, you can cry.
As for the Chaplin, his game is flawless. He feels his way and understands it one hundred per cent (half way behind). His mimicry can watch endlessly. "Baby" is the first feature film Chaplin. The film is about 55 minutes and goes through just a couple of seconds. See, it's not just a good movie that looked once and forgotten. "The Kid" - it is such a value that even the Chaplin was hard to reach out to her, but he would still hold, so he was a genius. Want to see it in the genius of Chaplin, then watch the movie "The Kid." This movie is simply impossible to repeat or re-shoot.
One of the most powerful films about human love to a child. And most of all bribes, that it is not even the love of a father and son, but simply a stranger. Yes, Chaplin knew perfectly well what to press, so it is impossible to forget the movie. And just a couple of words about the humor. This is a very funny movie (not the in Chaplin's career, but still). Look at the pug Chaplin when the baby gives a kiss him his toy. In this moment, I smiled. And when the baby began to fight with a local boy, then Charlie became proud of him in front of some guy from the crowd. And in that moment I was laughing too loudly. And then I remembered why I love so much Chaplin, because it is the only actor in the world who can make me cry and laugh in a second. And so on to infinity! ! Great movie
Heartbreaking scene from the movie:
38th minute of the movie. Kid yelling and Chaplin kept representatives of the law and he can not escape. It is impossible to watch without tears. One of the most powerful scenes in the entire film industry ...
You are the father of this child?
Yes, almost ...
9 of 10

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