"The Kid (1921)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"The Kid" - perhaps the most tragic of all the great comic film Charlie. Yes! There is a picture satirizm inherent master. There is a place flourishes. But the plot of the film, considered from a different angle, can be called, if not tragical, then certainly with acrid flavor of social realism.
She gave birth to a child, but dropped it. Since it left sodrug - the boy's father. Through multiple twists and turns, the child is in the trash can in some abandoned kvartalchike on the outskirts of the city. And then you can greatly regret the little boy, having started with the tear. But no! Here easy mincing gait appears ... OH! The little tramp with a big heart and without a cent in his pocket.
Looking scroll, he decided to take it. At the same time also fall into suspicion of negligent policeman and 'singing women. After taking it, he decides to leave the baby itself. And here in this place and there is an extremely meticulous problem, who suffer, suffer and suffer our terrestrial ball. And this problem - Children! You see, family fathers and mothers easily thrown down, a handkerchief, leaving his blood offspring. And then - bang! What a funny guy decides to raise someone else's child. And he did bring up. Suppose for a special - absurd, ridiculous, but bring up. He somehow protect him from the grip of the police and the hands and the hands of the overseers of the shelter, and other difficulties. Small spool but precious! But still all this will happen ... And now the tramp he built his "Reticulated" (hung on a rope maker with a pacifier in the nose, tied it to the cradle with the baby), and then gave a good sleep. After all, it is still to come. After all, life is not one day is calculated ?!
And now, after five years on the horizon appears quite successful actress. This is the mother of our boy. And the guy is living and grieves. He can and for the Pope fritters postryapat and magazinskuyu showcase stone to run (boy - beats, Dad - repairs ... it is they have such a "creative" business). And as her soul wandered in the same kvartalchik. It is she such a mission after work - to help the poor and deprived. She sees a boy. Sensing something, she gives the child a stuffed dog and even some toys. And it is something! I seized them poor. And play well. Happiness for a child. After his toys from birth and no one gave. Oh, dear! You still have and my mother in the bargain!
And then he and dad almost lost. Evil men reported where required that the boy is not good care and live in a shack with some uncles. And as usual, to make a fuss so din, the police let the shelter workers. They told him - «Give me the boy!» ... And it is they - «Neaaa!» . They kid - no more! And he - to flee. They followed him. And after - Mr. tramp. Oncoming our heroes of peace officers. A father, his breath sat on the porch. And he had a wonderful dream
Dream World Hero Chaplin -. Perfect world. There are people in angelic robes. All the good and happy. Even the police did not look like himself. But then, one day in paradise penetrate couple zlobnolitsyh devils and make confusion. He was forced to tramp discourage husky bride. Then the big man does not stand up, and you done in the face the abuser. Again noise yes din. Running, chasing. The policeman ... shoots a tramp. And the dream ends ... But what was it? Parody in the spirit of Chaplin - the director of "speaking" scenes in a silent movie. Parody of Eden with Adam and Eves. He associates himself with the sinner. But if he is guilty, that wickedly brought someone else's child? No. He not only brought him. He has subjected to change those negative orders and foundations that reigns in society. He forced the woman to recognize the child. Even in his unpretentious and bizarre manner.
Another repeat again that the film is very lightweight, despite its social significance. And it is in the spirit of Charlie - turn inside out all serious, but leave serious. Unclear? Then look Chaplin!
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P.S .: And "spasibok" pair. The first - the five-year Jackie Coogan for the excellent role of the baby (not every child will agree to play in front of the camera). The second - again, Chaplin. But this time - for lyric music. Yes Yes! Charlie also had the reputation of a talented composer.

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