"The Kid (1921)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The First World War took away much of the world and as much left. People have died, leaving corpses. Houses erased, unsettled gray ruins. Split the fortune, it became sorrow. Eve of World War II. Distant but loud alarm. We descended the dark days. Regeneration after heavy war years took place tight. The interval between two terrible wars was a time for rest, sschadivshimsya at high powers, giving them a break from the military "Exercise". During this time over the people he had formed an emotional cyclone mixing the joy, sadness, fear and hope in one substance, from which is born a strange atmosphere. The darkness of apathy and the inevitable approach prevailed in the society. Well, that means treating the bitterness was a movie ...
. ..and I saw the world Chaplin. If you rely on the mystery of light, then let's call it divine sending of a great man, a living synonym for "cinema" harmonious comic impersonation and feelings. Over the years, starting from the beginning of the XX century saturated, Charles Spencer Chaplin gave the audience smile. The audience, meet Charlie talent belonged to different social strata and circles. Young Charlie appeared on stage alongside outright improvisation, earned money, take care of his mother, and the people admired the small miracle, promising him fame and unaware that repeated irrefutable truth. Prickly thorns and obstacles have not prevented Chaplin climb out of the ravine difficulties. On the tray young years the fate presented him with a test set, which he overcame with the courageous will to targets. At first the theater and music halls, and then - the cinema. Before our hero opened the gates of the US, the wonderful land of opportunities, as though it may sound trite. Still, it gave us know Chaplin, when his role flowed from the ordinary as a "comedian" in calling "master of cinema".
viewer liked to look at Charlie Chaplin, speaking in short films. Or rather, he did not like it, and the image. Inflated pants, clown shoes, bowler, loyal right hand master cane and, of course, micro-whiskers. The formula of the classic Rolling Stone, which has become an untouchable model comic lyrical character of all time, peoples and measurements. Tramp has not appeared out of nowhere. He was in Chaplin. The actor went into the dressing room, and then there is awakened a rare, instinctive inspiration, extending his hand to the ordinary, but in the aggregate bright and eccentric things. Why pants and shoes? They make Tramp awkward. Why bowler hat and cane? They created the character of a gentleman. Finally, why the mustache? They are "rounded" individual character, make it child-adult unnatural important and at the same time ordinary. With Tramp Charlie Chaplin made his way to the open spaces of directing and stsenaristiki. Ambitions flared in it every year of work on the set, and now he is able to carry out all your ideas, explore the delights through film cameras, not the screen of the finished film. Undoubtedly, in the day when Charlie was given a chance to express, he was incredibly happy
«Kid» -. First job maestro. The most touching. The most insightful. The most emotional. Although here we must hold vysokointonatsionnost expressions, because the soul be divided into large and small pieces should not be. This one, and any given at our discretion Chaplinskiy masterpiece is a virtuoso pantomime soul. Charlie began not as a joke, but with the heart, whereby arranged to film a reasonable expectation of smart, funny and not "on time." It is the warmth and heat of humanity embodies picture that belongs to the absolute, that is decorated with the stigma of «great cinema" and awarded a prestigious cult. The "Kid" childishly beautiful and indifferent, so it is deeper, the peerless and unfathomable it is an axiom. Alliteration lyrical scenes Chaplin recites us a story about a father and son. Concise acrostic arrangement Chaplin story is for us a word unknown in secret, encrypted under the asterisks. Each will make out in it a personal sense, will understand each word in its own way, but the core of this meaning is one. And embedded in this film.
They embrace a strong grasp of mutual fear and love ... And we understand that it is worth a cement bridge that can not be broken, are not allowed between them. Under nice poster comedic appearance hides a strong drama with planetarium feelings and experiences. Romance family of optimism wrapped in treble clef drama, and the dense melancholy ringed title circumstance. Charlie Chaplin wrote a paean to his father's heroism and motherly love by singing it in the chord orchestra and voice-over actors expressive playing. "Kid" destroys the stereotype of the performance and the Tramp becomes a father, prone, in addition to chronic habit to fall into all sorts of trouble to philanthropic activity. He found the abandoned child and a shelter for himself. He made good on that few dare. Welcome, the reward for which is not required. Son became our hero motif of life, indispensable Plaque reflecting truisms happiness. Compassion awakes from the first frame, black-white, but dyed in dramatic contrast and carefully polished unobtrusive comedy, which is present vtoroplanovyh decoration. Do you believe any act of heroes, their folly and heroism. You smile when Jackie Kugeg laugh, frown and reserved when he cries. Chaplin avoids stereotyped characters with the help of their inconstancy. Tramp ceases to be a charming jerk and turns into the ideal of all wives and mothers. Son mimics of orderly bully in the golden child. No, the characters do not change - they bloom before us
father takes his child by the hand, and had grown up on the back of the wings they soar gracefully as angels ... And we realize that it is a magical acrobatic stunt artistry.. Directed good use of metaphor, it does not fly away with them too far and high, keeping a clear focus. Sometimes you want to admire the duo compositional techniques and visual experiments, which, of course, Charlie biased. While this could be a special assembly gluing, transitions, "invisible" Cords, props, costumes ... However, the main special effect remains Tramp. Those pants, shoes, bowler hat, cane, mustache prohibitive please us. You should not just forget about another required element - the Charlie Chaplin
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«Life & nbsp; -. It is a tragedy when you see it close up, and comedy, when you look at it from a distance. "© Charles Spencer Chaplin

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