The Key Features Of NavCoin (NAV) Essay

For those who have been keenly following the emergence of the blockchain industry and its key players, it is very easy to know when a gem enters the market and NavCoin (NAV) is one of the rare gems to stake on. The coin might not erring bells to many but it is one of those upcoming crypto assets to watch. This is a fully decentralized pee-to-peer based technology and the management of its transaction automatically controlled by platform. What’s more; it is public by design and you can get involved and has all the features of an open source outfit.

The entire network is run and secured by contributors irrespective of the location.NavCoin is still in the beta stage but with the current upgrades as seen the coin begin to attract the investor attention. Known for its fast speed and near zero transaction cost, the coin has been the center of focus during the September 5 market crack which saw traders looking for saver havens to invest rather than escaping to the restrictive fiat economy and NavCoin was among the beneficiaries.

NavCoin (NAV) Key Feature

sUnlike many mainstream platforms that have been hit by network congestions, NavCoin transactions are surprisingly fast and you do not have to freak out because of delays. Your transactions are confirmed within the first 30 seconds after you hit the transaction initiation button. This is the best feeling and experience every crypto user is looking for due to the anonymous nature of transactions.Old generation coins have always been seen as inefficient when it comes to energy consumption.

NavCoin has you covered and it just consumes a small fraction of energy since it rides on the proof-of-stake. This is made even better because the platform used proof of work in its mining processes.The NavCoin wide range of wallets is designed for discerning modern crypto enthusiast and is highly secured. This enables users to have confidence with how their private keys are stored. They fit every lifestyle and are intuitively refined and easy to use. These come with user wizard and easy to load.

NavPay from NavCoin

The introduction of NavPay earlier in the year has seen increased adoption of the NavCoin network. NavPay is a light-weight wallet that enable you secure your private keys and store your Nav coins safely. This feature has been instrumental in increasing adoption of the platform this is a feature that you can use with your browser or download on your smartphone.Modern crypto spenders love accessing their funds on the go and NavCoin has got them covered with the release of the NavPay which works with modern smartphones. With this feature, you do not have to risk storing your finds in an exchange. NavPay is doubles up as a wallet and an exchange.

NavCoin (NAV) Rising

VisibilityNavCoin is one of those social media shy coins and the developer team lets the infrastructure achievements speak for themselves. The coin visibility has been boosted by support from major exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and UpBit and its pairing with major coins and a sable coin has seen its volumes grow steadily. The last 24 hours have seen the NavCoin price surge by 40.40% to trade at $0.446718 in a market that has been quite with most coins and tokens treading on the red territory. This however, could be associated with the ongoing awareness campaign of contributing to the community and getting rewarded for it.

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