"The Italian Marriage (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I think about the film has been said all that can be, but nevertheless decided to express their views too.
course a great game actors. And small too. About Loren and Mastroianni it was really already said everything and believed that the best of the duo can not even come up, I share. But the game of little actors playing two older children Philomena (Sophia Loren), I would have said separately. Absolutely tiny role on the strength of a minute or two, not more. How alive and well they play in the famous scene of eating donuts with powdered sugar. It seems that the guys just did radiate joy.
would also like to note that seems to have not yet spoken. Namely - the original film editing style, clearly influenced by the performance of 'Breathless' Godard. For half a 'tail' hours, we managed to show character both to love, difficult family life, separation, and then the wedding.
was pretty funny story when I watched this movie in the 90s, when I was 18 years old and did not even have. Distracted by three or four minutes, and that's Filumena Domenico managed to quarrel and we had to tell the children heroine Sophia Loren. I am very pleased and clapped both hands, that the filmmakers did not tell tyanuchuyu line that Domenico has once again gone ... here Felumene very bad ... that it is suffering, and so on. Although the heck with two this woman tearfully be killed on screen on experiences with her husband, as it might seem. She is strong enough and strong-willed character. Although in any case I would not call her 'cold' woman.
In conclusion, I would like to emphasize once again really very worldly character of the heroine Sophia Loren. Domenico calls her 'slut'. What would 'typical heroine of a serial'? have stuffed the man's face, smashed crockery and away from home. And Lauren heroine with absolute tranquility reminds us that yes, I had it, but you've been a regular visitor to our institution. And even swears on their partner it (in at least a brilliant intonation actress dubbing S. choline) somehow dismissive, they say, do not think that you hurt me. Even the film's ending does not seem far-fetched. Movie characters, so beloved and understood me over the hour and a half, I was not surprised at all by its decision
Again original mounting solution
Here the characters swear -.! 10 seconds - they are fighting - 5 seconds - they kiss and They declare their love. More minutes and already a hero Mastroianni expects his future wife in the church with the children.
Well, thanks to the last, of course, costumers, make-up artists and stylists. They also brilliantly done from frivolous 'girls' Sophia Loren at the start, get out of the bus window with his famous bouffant hairdos, this (almost said Russian), a woman with a strong character, but still, I thought, have not lost their wonderful manners to everything in life is not treated as a penalty or punishment, as well as proper.
10 of 10

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