"The Italian Marriage (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film "Marriage Italian" in 1964, is an adaptation of the play by Eduardo De Filippo "Filumena Marturano". Directing one of the key figures of Italian neorealism, Vittorio De Sica, masterful playing of the legendary Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, and the name of Carlo Ponti in the number of producers, already give a guarantee of immediate, high-quality and interesting movie. Above epithets too few to describe my admiration for this film. Yes, alone is a great classic melodrama about love of a former prostitute Filumena Marturano and rich famous womanizer Domenico Soriano. This is a story about loneliness in this random love, a story of the human plight, in particular about the fate of women, which is necessary to survive at any cost in this cruel world. It is a comedy with a true Italian, piercing humor, a little everyday, but they are not less topical. And yet, on the whole, this is a film about life in each moment which is weak in danger of being broken and forgotten, and the strong gets a chance to be happy.
The film is constructed in such a way that the real-time episodes of interrupted memories of the protagonists. If we describe the film in chronological order, it becomes clear the history of the characters' lives. Filumena Marturano, 17-year-old prostitute in one of the public houses of Naples, accidentally meets during the bombing (40s of the XX century) with Domenico Soriano, a wealthy young man. She falls in love with him at first sight ( whether the right has to like the girl in this position? ). Domenico Filomena liked, but nothing more. He takes it out of the public house and bought her an apartment, and after a while leads to his home, but refers to Filumeniya as a servant, giving it to his care, suffering from senile dementia, mother, and she has taken on the entire household. Domenico instructs Filumeniya care of their business, and she copes with the chores, but never received a proper education: «To write one sentence, you need a whole sheet!»
at this time, he entertains Domenico in European capitals with a lot of young inevitably new lovers, squanders money, and is rarely seen at home, and when all the same there is not even trying to hide his adventures from the phylum. She directs all the power and the money received from Domenico, a secret training three sons, who do not even know who their mother. Over 20 years of marriage, if such an existence can be called life, the more collaborative, Domenico and did not want to marry Filumeniya that became everything to him and his family, and the support, and companion in business, and a maid. The last straw in the jar of tears and despair was that the longer young Domenico, suddenly decided to make an offer comely cashier your store. And Filomena decided to take a desperate step - pretending to die to Domenico pity married her. After the ceremony, the perfect priest at the bedside of "dying," Filumena stands up and says that ventured all this in order to give his sons a decent name. What gets a firm refusal, and in addition an avalanche of insults and recriminations:
«- When I tell people how I took you, and who you were before, all people will stand on my side. I will destroy you, Filomena! Destroy
-! So, where did you get me this news? I've been where you've been and. Point! »

little ones would not break it climbing up the stairs leading down, still fewer women, who would not have given up after so many years of fighting for their place under the sun. Well, it is admired heroine of Sophia Loren, the personification in Filumeniya image of a real woman, wife, mother, forced by steel jacket to hide their weaknesses, emotions, feelings, makes for me this film is one of the masterpieces of not only Italian, but also world cinema.

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