"The Italian Marriage (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It so happens that you know it is time to talk about the movie, which has long planned, but kept putting it off - felt small next to him, in some inept: the film is so big, almost universal, and your knowledge of it is negligible. And now I am going to talk about it, and not because there was something to say, just keep quiet no longer can. That's what I'm going to talk about the film by Vittorio De Sica "Italian Marriage" (1964).
would seem familiar to the smallest movements of the camera history, jammed into holes phrases, and the film has been accompanied by so many generations of life, but all -So noticing the corner of his eye on the screen familiar footage is not otorveshsya before the final credits. And after them in the shower will light a sense of devastation - it is the story over again for us. It is because she thoroughly familiar to almost everyone, try not to talk about the story, after all, the only thing that after the recognition wiser critics classics of world cinema, we can add to the treasury of the film - it's your own impression
Pure Italian plot. thrown into the mix of passion and love, seasoned with domestic sketches in the style of neo-realism it brings the story to other heights and reading levels. And mechanically, running eyes, the very final credits, you can not help thinking that, of course, this is not a family drama and comedy, and home sketch - it is not any particular genre, it is life itself. Such a life as it reflects the artistic vision of the author of the play by Eduardo De Filippo and directed by Vittorio De Sica. Grow from household trifles (as Filumena cleans an apple, or how it relates to her maid, or transports through customs Domenico new shoes), from the history of the passions of men and women in almost a parable about love - it is not given to each film and
. not everyone is given the film to be alive - in the full sense of the word. To breathe, to change, to grow, to talk with the audience, to amuse him, cause he barely concealed tears ... And despite the fact that the action takes place in Naples in a somewhat unusual family, this film is a little bit about all of us, or rather, everyone would like to hope that it is about him. Someone once said that life - it's love, "he lived" or "she was living" means that his or her much loved. " Here you can add, and he or she is too much loved. "Marriage in Italian" just about it: it seems that under no circumstances will not envy the fate of Filumena Morturano, but deep down hope that the film about her in some degree, and about you. Because you can not help but admire her inner purity, the nobility of her feelings, strength and feminine vulnerability to a single person - the beloved
Any conversation about the film begins or ends the conversation about the duo Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni:. Centripetally they collect all the means of expression around. Perhaps they are the main means of expression. They played together in sixteen movies and still remain one of the most famous on-screen couples. Their mutual understanding, harmony, some invisible chemistry happening between them, turned and turned until now every film with their participation in the festival. "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (1963) or "Unusual day" (1977) - it is not dusty tapes for film schools and anthologies. These are the movies and looking eagerly dug into them when you find - a whole range of emotions and thought processes when viewing allows your consciousness to work and relax at the same time. To understand exactly how it happens, so hard that the words of magic and alchemy suggest themselves
words about the film "Marriage Italian" all I want to say very much, but almost all of them are enthusiastic and in excellent shape -. Such words almost I can not believe. And those who believe (like to think so), I gather up exactly on the text. The movie before any text has a significant advantage - about it you can not talk, he just need to look at.

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