"The Italian Marriage (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The first thing that catches the eye in the film - a good dubbing. What can I say, the Soviet system of dubbing has always been at the height - our always good to know how to pick up votes. Of course, the brilliant acting duo - Mastroianni / Sophia Loren. This sweet couple is playing well and convincingly. Mastroianni plays an elegant and successful bourgeois, which is the opposite of a character Lauren. I liked the beginning of the film 2 quotes: "Professors do not have to - the priest" and "Once I start shooting trousers - anxiety begins." In the first sentence it is clear that there is a primacy of materialistic ideal, in the second - is a certain playfulness, which is combined with the danger of
interesting scene shows the bombing of a brothel -. When all the prostitutes run away from it, but the heroine Sophia Loren remains. It is evident that in this case it is not entirely terrible - probably, she is looking for death. Yes, even such a moment - only one I think Mastroianni like a certain angle on Freddie Mercury, or it is some whim? Judge for yourself: the nose, spicy characteristic chin, hair style, mustache, the manner of bend his head - well, this is purely Freddy! In the course of development of the plot shows that the hero like Mastroianni Sophia Loren - she embraces him, seeking a meeting with him, kisses him, that is noticeable that there is some passion on her part. However, it seems to me that this passion a little one-sided. It is characteristic that in one scene of the film performance Duce - Benito Mussolini - is shown only as a backdrop. That is, it is clear that for the director in the foreground is not politics, but still the story of love relationships. And it's good
tasty, incredibly tasty shown as Sophia Loren puts his signature on one of the papers -. She does it for a long time, but in the end it turns out elegantly and soundly. Signature is obtained is not that pretty, but some convincing. She wants to enjoy. She also fun to ask: "How do I subscribe to - or Marturato Filomena Filomena Marturato?". There is some charm. I was captivated by how it played
Very interesting, exciting, and, I would say, surprisingly in Russian (that's right - in Russian, not in Italian). The wedding scene is shown in bed. That is, it turns out that Filomena lures the hero Mastroianni marriage fraud. Of course, there is some visible untidiness heroine, but, on the other hand, which just does not make for the sake of his goal! Since the beginning of the movie waiting for that marriage is, of course, happy, but still do not come out. The characters' lives interferes something not very good, most likely, they do not fit each other. It hurts to look at, and it is quite unpleasant to look at what they loudly and in an evil sort things out after 20 years of marriage as they list all the things that happened. Is this - the inheritance of all the families of this kind, does the relationship between man and woman, which began so well, can lead to such a result? If yes, it is sad
Yes, there is still such a part -. In the film repeatedly shows how children eat cake. I understand that the scene is quite small, but I noticed, like eating. And they do it this way - they take the cake, nadkusyvayut him, and powdered sugar with goodies falls on clothing. This scene made me disgusted, or maybe even nausea (quite in the spirit of mature Jean-Paul Sartre). Unpleasant hit just two things: the fact that children can not eat cake correctly, and what the hell they stain clothes! And if when they were boys, it is permissible, but now, when they are adults uncle, it looks quite ugly. If this is the director's idea - to show "uneven" eating cake (say, some charming detail), the idea I did not like. If it is removed by accident - it is necessary to carefully work on the film !!! (Although, the director Vittorio De Sica ... I do not think he's bad he worked on paintings)
general must admit that the scene sloppy eating something else (like in the movies and in life), called me.: a) hatred, b) aversion. Since childhood, I was disgusted to see people drink kefir (he drinks, and he remained white "mustache" after kefir) as people dropping crumbs or the same powdered sugar on clothing as ketchup smear his face, etc. However, I digress. Ends tape is very good - thank God, all the sons meet, and there is a family reunion. Displaying safely, well, nice and kindly
Verdict. The film is suitable to all lovers of proven world classics, which ends stout (and, in general, predictable) a happy ending
6 out of 10.

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