The Issue Of The Spread Of Drug Use In Boston Essay

Problem Definition

The main problem is the spread of drug use in Boston and the main goal is to curtail the drug use in Boston are and come up with an efficient and effective communication strategy for the same as demanded by the mayor Flynn. Harvard Business School student were therefore asked to create a “de Market” plan for drugs. The main problems that stopped them from doing so were the limited time and finances along with misinterpretation of conclusions through their research study. The main objectives were to develop a communications plan that delivers a mass effective message to the target audience by doing doing a market research and further evaluate the credibility for the same.

Drug Use Model

Classification included non-users, experimental users, regular users and drug dependent individuals. The model provided a structure for the collection of data and further the opportunity to identify percentage of people in each segment. The screening questionnaire was an efficient tool to identify the mix of individuals to be considered for the Focus Groups.

Research Options

Quantitative surveys, these would lead to a low response rate of about 5-20%. There would be no biasness by the interviewer with a cost of 10000-15000$. Focus Groups, these could lead to brainstorming sessions which would provide insights to researchers. The cost would be 500-1500$ for a group of 8-10 people and psychologists were to interpret the data collected by these groups.

One to one interviews, these would be more unstructured and open ended questionnaire. The interviewers needed to be trained accordingly and the cost would end up to be 75-150$ inclusing the counselor fee and stipend.

Pros and Cons of Methodology Used


There would be face to face conversations amongst the moderator and the participants. The moderator can lead the conversation, further helping in deriving answers that are needed. Nonverbal responses like expressions and body language along with verbal responses can provide useful insights to researchers.


Focus groups don’t provide quantitative data and might be really time consuming depending on the length of the discussions. Further the responses of different individuals in a group may influence others perspective therefore leading to biasness. The target audience are people from 10-18yr olds. The questionnaire method is not suitable for the target audience as they might have a hard time understanding the questions and interpreting them. The number of different steps were more in the questionnaire method thus increasing the cost, time and effort put into the focus group study

Conclusions Made by the Team

Young people do not recall drug facts or statistics, which is false and an assumption as no exhibit explained or determined that young people do not recall drug facts or statistics. Non users stop contacts with people using drugs rather than helping them to stop, which can be seen in exhibits 7,10 and 11. Young people resent being told what to do and might rebel that to show their independence, which can be seen in exhibit 8,10 and 13. Family is important and influence drug use which can be seen in multiple exhibits. Young people relate drug use and stories related to them. Current drug use is unrealistic and sound fake and celebrities aren’t a credible source of information. Neighborhood programs are crucial and educational programs which provide information in an adult manner are more effective.

Alternative Conclusions derived from the Research

Friends and family acts both as a positive and negative influence when it comes to drug use. There are different reasons for doing drugs including peer pressure, the availability and lack of attention from the family members. Drug use leads to other problems and financial issues further leading to theft. The campaigns are more impactful when the people can relate to advertisements.


The conclusion derived by the group were very generic and rushed. The approach should be to depict negative consequences that can be lead from drug use among people so that the people can relate to it and how it would not only affect them but their families as well. The group did not have a clear picture of the market research question and how the research was to be conducted as they generalized the research due to the limited time and finances.

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