The Issue Of Excess Screen Time For Teenage Essay

The generality of excess screen time for teenage is a mount worry worldwide. Now more than ever, children from a very young age are allowed immeasurable access to a wide variety of screen devices, such as computers, television, play station, iPod and smart phones. It affects in everyday life, health and also family bonding. To solve this issue, usage of electronic devices must be in limit and also spend much time with family members.

According to the side effects of such immeasurable access. In following with this instruction, various studies have addressed the obstructive effects of children’s lengthy exposure to screen devices, especially video games. For example, playing a violent video game can prime aggressive opinion, increase intrusive affect, and cause physiological excite as stated by Delisi M, Gentile DA in the year 2013. The behavioral and attitudinal rate relating to internet use and video games are similar with a measure of violent delinquency and antisocial comportment, and also with dysfunction at home, increased aggression, depression and emotional well-being. To decode this matter the adolescent must play board games and outdoor game in area. Board games are like chess, puzzle, Jenga and so on, so by playing these games teen mind will be sharp and also the concentration level will be high, and the outdoor game in room or area such as pool, football, cricket their body will be strong as well as it will be good exercise for them, but not to spend much time on electronic uses.

Watching television and using all types of visual display unit too much can influence many aspects of lives, including their health and school performance as claimed by Christakis DA in the year 2007. However, when they are sitting in front of the TV throughout the day, they are not staying active. This will eventually start to take a toll on their weight and general physical well-being. If once a child upshot with obesity they remain same as throughout their adulthood. Therefore, shut off your TV during mealtimes and don’t allow text messaging or web surfing while you’re eating. Instead, use the opportunity to schedule a family meeting to discuss monitor use. Allow your teen to give insert about the screen time rules. Address problem and problem solving together. Make it understandable that you want everyone in the family to develop a healthy relationship. In order to be healthy, kids, children’s and young people need to eat good food, as well as do plenty of regular exercise.

To sum up, technology gave us an abundance of devices to utilize. It really acts like a companion if we use it appropriately to a satisfactory extent. If teen cross their limit by using devices all the day it affects to day-to-day life, health and also family bonding. To solve this issue, teen should spend much time with board games or outdoor games; plan a family meeting to develop a healthy and good relationship. At last the usage of screen time must be in limit.

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