The Information Collection Procedure Essay


Write an essay on The Information Collection Procedure.


The information collection procedure would include the conduction of interviews, their documentation and coding, besides combining them with survey data so as to efficiently analyze the answers to the research questions (Saunders et al., 2007).

In order to let the audience verify the theories used in the research work, proper references would be utilized (Guba and Lincoln, 1989). Besides this, the accuracy of the interview notes would also be verified.

In order to conduct the research work, verbal confirmations have been made with the volunteers who would participate in the survey. Besides this information regarding the topic being researched on would be passed on to the interviewer, along with the fact that the consent of all the participants is available with the researchers (Hussey and Hussey, 1997).

The research work would adhere to the ethical policy of “confidentiality and anonymity”: the responses provided by the participants would only be made available to the students conducting the research work and the faculties acting as their supervisors. Besides this, the integrity and secrecy of the information would also be maintained (Israel and Hay, 2006).

In order to conduct the research work, the researchers would require financial help so as to conduct activities essential for publishing the research work, like that of printing the dissertation file, binding them and so on and so forth. Besides this, significant amount of time would also be required so as to conduct the research activities in an appropriate manner.

However, no additional resources would be required for conducting the interviews, as not only verbal consent has been arranged from the participants but residents of the very same city have been chosen as volunteers: thus minimizing the cost associated with interviewing them.

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