The Increasing Rate Of The Violence Essay


Describe about the increasing rate of the violence in the campus.



The increasing rate of the violence in the campus is the main purpose of the discussion here. It is essential to understand the crucial nature of the communities emerging the responsibility of campus safety. Recently the campus is an unsafe place facing threats on definite society. The reports are full of news about suicide cases and different forms of violence towards the women including sexual assault.

Discussion and recommendation:

The emergence of such factors gave rise to the necessity of introducing the measure to protect the students while taking care of the fact that there is a limit to such measures and no negative consequences must result from the moves adopted for such factors. The concerned organizations are working towards the betterment of service for immuning the students against the exposed abuse. One of the best ways to ensure the colleges regarding the prevention of the abuse is to give them ample awareness measures so that they can get adequate ideas about how to deal with such incidents. The program conducting includes such measures that will allow the institutes to solve the problem internally without any external enforcement (, 2016).

The IACLEA recognized the necessity of the college training for prevention of such abuses and based on that the Accreditation programs are conducted so as to bring a line of the control of interference

The necessity of drawing a line till where the external interference is allowed has come up because the recent cases report the guns drawn by the police to settle matters for those cases which in reality was a minor case. The parents even reported that the police push the students against the wall and snatches their bags in search of illicit materials which may affect adversely upon the mentality of the students. They even come up with the students and carries the even without saying anything. The situation becomes worse day by day due to the over interference of the police. Some of the students are simply taken due to the suspicion and kept detained until the search gets over. The force brings canine help reporting positively on some of the school bags without finding any drugs and only after that they were left free. Such incidents critically show the necessity of drawing lines regarding the interference of the external source spoiling the favorable environment of an Institute (, 2016).

Nowadays the reports even explain about the school children bringing guns to the schools. They hurt not only themselves but to the surroundings ultimately bringing harm to them as well. It is important to draw a line in this aspect to prevent any external consequences interfering in the business. The parents and the school authority must appoint some counselors other than forcing violence and pressure upon them mentally and physically (, 2016).

The recent federal laws brought some amendments that required establishing strong rules preventing the increasing risks. Various acts enacted for the prevention of the violence explains that any incident occurring regarding the violence in school premises should be in exposure. The school requires taking adequate measures to rectify the faults rather involving some external sources adding an adverse effect on the situation (, 2016).


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