The Important Components Of Becoming Physically Fit Essay

When first starting anything you should always have a set plan (can modify if circumstances change). Having a plan can’t take you a long way, it can help when trying to reach a fitness goal and even bigger things like your daily life. To get into good physical shape or to reach a certain fitness goal, you have to know exactly what you want. This is what should be on the top of your plan, the goal your trying to reach. The main steps needed for reach your goals are very simple when taken one at a time. The first step is to create a plan, the plan is to help get your goals and priorities straight. Another step is to change your diet, your diet is extremely important. What you eat daily has a lot due with how you perform today and the days after. Also, something everyone needs is a partner and/or a support system of family and friends. When making changes to your body it’s good to have people there for you on rough days. Another key step is to have a routine and schedule so that you don’t overwork or injure yourself.

Before doing anything you should have a plan, your plan is to show everything you want to accomplish. It is to help you organize your thoughts and goals. When becoming physically fit you are changing your body which is a long road to success, this is why it’s very important to know what goals you have in mind and what is going to take to complete this long and hard trip you’re embarking on. In order to get fit, you need to have several different exercises for each part of your body, that way you can work all your muscles in different ways. Your body can be divided into four different sections, back, arms, legs, core/abs. By dividing up your body into these categories you are now able to focus more on each part and tone each muscle. When changing your physical appearance, along with good exercise your diet plays a big role. The rate your body changes is all decided by how you eat before and after workouts. If you eat fast food, drink sodas, eat sugary and salty foods regularly your body will take longer to become fit no matter the workouts you do. This is because when you eat unhealthy foods your body spends all its energy burning away all the bad chemicals you ate, instead of burning away fat and calories from your workout. Also, the more salt you eat the sorer you will be post workout, due to the sodium wrapping around your muscles and tightening them. If you eat a well-balanced diet then your body will process the food naturally, and you will have less soreness and be in better shape the next day. Your daily diet impacts your body greatly, if you eat bad food you will feel the effects for days after. If you eat healthy, beneficial foods your muscles and body will tone faster and help lead to the ultimate goal of being fit.

Having a support system is very important when doing anything in life, family and friends are who you should look to, to complete this task. The road to becoming physically fit is long and trying, there are many bumps and obstacles that will be encountered. For example, you have a rough day and you have to motivation to work out, that’s when you would need a friend to convince you to power through and stick to your goal. Once you have started a routine of working out daily missing a day or two throws your body off and will set your body back weeks. A support is meant to encourage and help you stay on track when needed most, this role is usually filled by family and friends who want you to succeed.

Another important piece to becoming physically fit is having and activity log and schedule. The point of the log and schedule is to plan what muscles you work and when. A schedule is needed to keep different parts of your body away from each other, you don’t want to do leg workouts two days in a row because you could pull a muscle. However, if you were to space it out amongst other workout. Then you are less likely to pull a muscle and then have to stop exercise altogether which would set you back several weeks due to the injury. A way to work out in a safe way would be to have Mondays and Thursdays for legs. Then Tuesdays and Fridays for arms, and Wednesdays and Saturdays for back. On Sundays, you would do core and abs, core and abs only get one day due to those muscles being very sensitive and high strain risk. By spacing workout like this, you give each part of your body one to two days rest before working those muscles again. During the time period each group of muscles is resting they are getting firmer and more toned to help better your body.

Getting physically fit requires hard work, dedication, and motivation. When all of these are applied to a good plan anything can be accomplished. When starting your journey to becoming physically you need to complete several requirements. A good set of goals is needed to accomplish anything in life, goals should be set to motivate you to become a better you. Having a good diet is a key part to becoming fit, what you eat affects everything, it affects how alert you are, how much energy you have, and how quickly your body recovers. Family friends and anyone who want you to succeed have to be involved in you process, you need these people as motivators. A support system can go a long way, if you’re having a rough day, these are the people you would go to, to talk things out and get back on the right track. One missed day of exercise sets you back a week, your body being inactive and getting off of its routine will start to ache and become. To avoid this you should have people there for you who will uplift you so you can succeed. A schedule to space out different workouts is the most important of all, without this you can get injured. If exercising is not spaced out properly muscles become pulled and strained which will take you away from exercising all together for weeks. During this down period all your hard work will grumble away. With a good schedule you can avoid injuries and accomplish your goals. As long as you have a goal in mind, a healthy diet, a support system, and a plan you can do anything!

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