The Importance Of Thinking About The Future Essay

Thinking about future me is an enigma. It gives me questions how, what, when where and why. I never gave too much time to think about my future self not until today.A professor of me once said, that life is an algorithm it follows a certain ways to overcome hindrance and we are the ones who are in control of it. By setting goals and taking a full responsibility together with discipline we can have the capability to reach our dreams in life.

Growing up as a teenager, i thought i was living in a utopian society. When in fact i was caught in the unexamined life. Going to parties every weekend, playing computer games, eating then watching tv all over and over that made me falter furthermore, lead to role confusion asking myself who am i in this world. In order to conquer it, we must establish the identity, roles and our purpose in life. We must think what this life meant and how it should be taken care of. Few years from now i am in young adulthood stage where hopefully im already licensed civil engineer who works in the industry. In that epoch i must’ve developed a greater sense of intimacy rather than isolation where i am incompetent in sharing ones identity. After few decades, im on the era of middle adulthood stage where the result of intimacy began to show. Since i’ve developed a greater sense of intimacy that time and knew the roles and purpose of my life, it is now time for payback. We must show and facilitate generativity rather stagnation. Some people do have crab mentality where they pull others down in order for them to step up. Stagnation must stop and open our minds that we have an obligation to help each other to climb up top and be successful. Lastly, old age, optimistically in this point i should’ve made an engineering firm. Living with my wife, sons, daughters and having bunch of grand childs here in the philippines. At this age, i anticipate that i’ve done all the things i should’ve done without holding back,that i should not be afraid of death and be satisfied for what ive done in my whole life or simply have more ego integrity than despair.

In the end, i should set objectives every stages in my life to have an algorithm to follow. I must’ve learn virtues needed to overcome crisis in life. Invest my time looking for answers of what really is my purpose. I need to have the willingness to learn and ask questions everyday. Lastly, the action mentality, i must not procrastinate and just not believe in luck, i need to believe in my self, that i can do it, step

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