The Importance Of The Book Of Samuel Today Essay

The book of Samuel 1 and 2 is important for us today just as it was for the Israelites back then as there are lessons throughout the chapters.

In the beginning of Samuel 1, we are introduced to Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Hannah was not able to have children unfortunately, but despite that she prayed to God and put her trust in him to give her children. The lord answered her prayers and gave her what her heart desired. This is a huge lesson for us as the power of prayer, along with the power of God is shown to us and the Israelites with this story. God’s character is shown as well, his faithfulness and that he is will answer to us when we call upon him and how capable he is. The Israelites declared that they wanted a king to rule over them and despite Samuel telling them the consequences of such a desire, they chose not to listen. They wrongfully did not acknowledge God as their one and only true king. They questioned God and rejected him but despite that, he still fulfilled their wishes.

This is important for us today because we still choose to idolize other things such as celebrities, money and elections. We look for comfort in these things that are not going to fulfill us like God’s love will. Just like the Israelites should of, we today in society need to realize that God is the comfort we need to seek. God, showing us his loyalty gives the Israelites Saul, the king that they sought for. They judged him on how he looked like and deemed him a fit king, instead of looking at his true character. They did not look at his heart as the Lord did. Once again this is relevant to us just as it was for the Israelites because just as the Israelites did, in this generation we choose to judge people by their looks and where they come from before giving them a chance to show us what type of person they are.

The known quote “Do not judge a book by its cover” is something that was significant back then just as it is today. Unlike God, who does not care about how pretty you are, what color you are or where you come from. God looks past all that and looks within you, he wants to see your heart and that is how he judges you. God does not applaud arrogance and or pride no matter who you are. This was Saul’s downfall and choosing not to obey God’s command. The flaws that he had is what brought him to his downfall and why we, as followers of God must carry out what he tells us because he knows best.

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