The Importance Of Making The Best Decision For You: My Six Flags Story Essay

This is a story about a young man who had to make a very tough decision. Today is May 23, 2017 and the school year is almost up.

My mom had told me to be looking for summer programs or a summer job since i am getting older and need those type of extracurricular activities on my resume. Since it was too late for me to apply for Odyssey or Breakthrough Atlanta I knew that I had 1 choice-Summer Job it is. I’ve thought about working at many places like Subway, Red Lobster, at my Uncle’s garage, but where i really wanted to work was at Six Flags.

I knew that if I contacted my Aunt she can get me in because she’s a huge manager there. Now on May 26 I called my Aunt and she had asked me2 to about if I had my resume in order because I could be in the next group interview tomorrow. My heart had dropped. I wasn’t ready to go in tomorrow. I never had a job, didn’t know what to wear. I mean do you wear a suit to a job interview but in the job you’re most likely to wear cargo shorts and a t-shirt? I was so confused, but I said yes and I came in the next day and got the job on the spot.

I will never forget where I worked at, the basketball game right next to the Ninja. That was my favorite game when i go to six flags. I would be there and go at that game try and try again 6, 7 times until I win. I would always leave Six flags with a basketball from that game. The rest of my summer job felt like my first day. SLOW. I had pretty much no one come to my station and whenever I tried to call someone over, they would just keep walking past or look me in my eye then walk past. My day was pretty much a continuous cycle of trial and error. But 1 thing that was always consistent was that 1 group of thugs that though they can shoot but can’t. It would be embarrassing to watch but hey, they were always consistent.

June 30 I come home from work to see my mom all excited and screaming about Hawaii of something with a phone in her hand. I ask her do I need to call 911? She told me to quit playing. So what’s the news I asked. We’re going to Hawaii!!!!! When? In 2 days. 2 days!?! I have a whole job what am I going to do? You can stay if want. No, see it’s just a summer job and how long are we gonna be out there? A week. Bet. This’ll be fun. We ended up done there the whole month and I lost my job.

In conclusion, I chose a trip over my job and I lost my job. You have to learn to prioritize or learn what is most important to you. I have no regrets on my decision and I still don’t have any excuses. I feel like my decision didn’t make a big impact because I’m still young but all in all if you are deciding between 2 things make sure you make the best decision for you.

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