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Category: 2015 Middle class (Grades 6-8)

Student: James Pocchia

School: St. Patrick's School Staten Island, NY (Richmond County)

Instructor: Phyllis Vreeland and Diane Sussuma

Our nation is a society constructed on freedom. While all our freedoms are dazzling, i really believe your greatest of them is freedom of faith. As stated in the first Amendment on united states of america Constitution, freedom of faith stops our govenunent from forcing residents to apply any solitary sort of religion. Because of this wonderful Amendment, a number of religious techniques took root and spread within our beloved country, from Catholicism to Hinduism. In fact, as reported into the ny Times and Staten Island Advance, my regional magazines, the best choice associated with the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, proclaimed his interpretation of our Amendment in his present Philadelphia message, fittingly delivered near Independence Hall. We witnessed history unfold before our eyes, since the Pope moved people with his terms, announcing that spiritual freedom is a «fundamental right» for many citizens. Freedom of religion certainly makes the lives of citizens associated with the United States better. As a citizen myself, I am able to state with resounding truth that freedom of faith has made life on Staten Island better. No individual must be worried about being punished wrongly or being ridiculed for their values. As an example, i could freely go to a Catholic college and Sunday mass. One of my mother's closest buddies is Jewish, but my loved ones is Catholic. Because of freedom of faith, we could be extremely near with one another (I even relate to her as my «aunt»), despite the fact that we celebrate various breaks and believe various things. Most of all, spiritual freedom means respecting the opinions of others, and, in the terms of Pope Francis, renouncing the usage of «religion… for hatred and brutality». Overall, spiritual freedom is a particular privilege; it should bring everybody together and encourage «peace, threshold, and respect».

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