The Importance Of A Good Posture Essay

Not to brag but good posture is very much, I repeat very much important! Most of us including myself (to be honest) notice the way some stands, sits or walk. Being a Business Development and PR expert I have been interacted umpteen people and good posture is the first thing I notice in a person specially in opposite gender. It’s a fact that your body posture impacts on personality as well as health. Good posture helps you look more confident and attractive likewise how bad posture negatively affect your personality and might cause mental and physical health complications than many people realize.

Poor posture is becoming very common these days as we all are busy in our daily lives and it’s hard for most of us to get time for regular exercises. Besides not looking attractive and as sharp as could bad posture can be a turn out as well. Eliminating poor posture might not be a piece of cake but it can be corrected eventually doing some easy exercises and the best thing you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. In this article, I will be sharing five most effective exercises which will not only correct the posture but will help you increase in mental and physical health. Moreover, for more exercises and plans please subscribe to our channel and “Sign Up For Free Weight Loss Plan”.

Below are the five best exercises we’ve compiled to correct the bad posture.PS: In below article I will be sharing exercises I personally experienced and I regularly do and yes with effective results. Yes I know this is one of the best exercise which not only build your strength but also help you out burning your stomach fat. I’ve been suffering from back ache since I’ve been through a major surgery and the only thing that keeps me going is exercise. Planks and side planks will help your body straight keeping your neck long and legs straight. Keep your elbows on floor rest your body weight on your forearms and lift your body up forming a straight line to your heels (more like doing Pushups). Doing this exercise for one minute only will give you some awesome results.

Butterfly pose will not only help you out in correcting the posture but it’s also a good remedy for stress, fatigue and anxiety. It also improves blood circulation and stimulates reproductive and digestive organs. The exercise is called butterfly because your hips and thighs open up by joining feet like the wings of a flying butterfly.

The third most effective exercise is tree pose. Honestly not as easy to do as it seems but eventually with focus you will be able to do it and would love it. Tree pose is known as Vrikshasana asana as you stand firm on one feet like a tree. Tree pose strengthen your calves and thighs and helps you build your balance better.

Doggy pose or also known as cat cow pose as you have to look like a cat/dog stretching its back. Keep your chin straight and do not bend toward your chest while stretching your abdomen, back and hips. This exercise helps you improves the posture and balance, strengthen your spine, shoulders and neck. It also works as stress reliever and calms the mind.

Last but not least! While doing this pose you have to stand firm, tall and confident like a warrior. This warrior pose will help you build your confidence and posture. Regularly incorporate in calmness and patience and will also impact positively on your physical health. Doing these simple exercises may get you rid of terrible posture as well as body aches, anxiety, tiredness and stress. I have improved my health and no pill can relieve my severe back ache than these simple exercises.

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