The Implementation Of Block Chain Technology In Food Industry Essay

Block chain technology is very popular in present days. It is a chain of boxes which consist of different types of data. It is an open ledger and the data recorded here are open for everyone. Anyone can access all the data and information from here. So we can say that it is pile of data added in a chronological order and it can be tracked by everyone. Present days block chain technology is implemented in food industry. The impact of those is discussed below.

Block chain technology helping the food industry lot. People can easily check the food quality, origination and all the other insights of the food with the help of block chain technology. It enables the control of checking the channel of distribution and transparency of supply chain system. Customer gets benefited: By block chain technology customer will have the full insights of what they are consuming every day. It helps them to know about the product in detail. They don’t need to go through the company or market analysis before buying the product. They can simply get all the information about food from here. While buying baby foods it is very effective and helpful because we can check all the ingredients that is used to make the baby food.

Intermediaries and farmers also get benefited

In block chain all the data are being recorded in real time and also with a proper verification. So it decreases the acquisition of quality mismanagement of the product. Customer can also trace the farmer of their food and can appreciate their work which helps the farmer to be rewarded for their work. Customer can also contact directly with the farmer to get desired and quality food.

Food safety

Block chain technology makes the supply chain very secured and transparent for the consumers. People can easily avoid contaminated food by checking all the information. So this technology ensures the safety of our food. Many big companies have already implemented this technology and minimized their loss in many ways. Like now they can get to know about the safety of their food and contaminated foods and by avoiding those they can easily minimize their time and money. Block chain allows people to get the information of every product within a very short time and avoid contaminated food. By providing safe food company is also decreasing the rate of sickness among people which is good for our mankind.

Food Fraud

Block chain can also prevent the food fraud. Many companies do this fraud knowingly and unknowingly, Block chain contains accurate information which helps them to know about their product and trace it quickly if something goes wrong. Fraudulent leads to economic loss also because by producing and providing wrong things will create food poison among people. In the end we can say that block chain technology is a beneficial for both the company and the customers. Company can easily gain trust by giving authentic information to them and customers can easily have verified and get high quality foods from them

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