"The Illusionist" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At the time, I recommended Illusionist look mom, which means that the film will definitely be good. At that time I still was fascinated by the various foci, and could not long observe such tricks. For the first time I looked at the poor quality, but even that I did not stop to enjoy the picture! And this is a good indicator of the film, which does not spoil and poor recording quality.
XIX century Vienna. The whole city crowd goes to the presentation of the famous illusionist Edward Abramowitz, acting under the pseudonym Eyzenhaym. His stunts and tricks are also attracting the attention of Crown Prince Leopold, who once visited Eyzenhayma performance. However, on this view Eyzenhaym meets his first love - the Duchess Sophie von Teschen, who should marry the powerful and cruel Leopold. In the maelstrom of events, stories of the past and the police investigation Eyzenhaym going to perform the most incredible trick in life. His actions closely monitoring the Chief Inspector Uhl, who patronize Leopold
general melodrama I like not always -. Often do not look very realistic. But when I looked Illusionist for the first time, she could not look away. Since then it added many other elements that make the film a richer, more colorful and fun. It is part detective, mystical thriller, and most importantly - the most real magic ... Indeed, all the tricks Eyzenhayma - this is the main decoration of the film. This shocked my imagination, because I previously had no idea how to create magicians of the past centuries, what were the tricks, how they fascinated and charmed the audience? Here we are witnessing at the present extraordinary illusionist representation, of which I was ecstatic! As of tricks during the performance, and in the final ...
If we talk about the drama, here we were able to take in a certain voltage. After all, what is happening on the screen makes a lot of worried. Although it is a drama about the relationship, but there is still a threat of mortal danger. Play this addicting action in Austria (although the filming location was the Czech Republic), which adds to the film Neil Burger of atmosphere and spirit of the times. Soundtrack Philip Glass - establishes the magical effect of what is happening: just listen to the compositions The Orange Tree, The locket, The Chase and the main theme of The Illusionist, goose skin!
seems in this movie the first time I saw the Edward Norton . It is immediately understood, for which he is praised: so he enchants and captivates his game, as his way of convincing. Illusionist Eyzenhaym outwardly calm and collected, that is able to capture the attention of a room monologue about the time of the soul, life and death, that with ease and grace demonstrated incredible stunts, which can be mistaken for magic. And even a dangerous enemy of profit. Eyzenhaym not lose composure and continues its work despite the danger to life
His partner in the film was a Jessica Biel, which has played a romantic interest Eyzenhayma -. Duchess Sophie von Těšín. Enamored with the youth, separated and re-found each other: it is - a well-known magician, it is - the future bride of the Crown Prince. But Sophie - a marriage of convenience, where it acts as an aid to the coup, and one wrong move can lead to its death, possibly from the hands of the Crown Prince ... Although it was a bit of screen time, but Sophie showed a gentle, sensual and really brave and fearless.
Eyzenhaymu opposed inspector Walter Uhl ( Paul Giamatti ), which in addition to the job and have a personal interest in the work of a magician. It is impossible not to notice the inspector ambivalent feelings about the case: on the one hand, he does not trust the magician, which he can not understand, but on the other - he can not help but admire his skill, his ability
as antagonists here. acts Crown Prince Leopold. From the outset, we perceive this negatively opinionated, domineering and cruel man, who longs to control everything and everyone. British actor played his Rufus Sewell, which is masterfully played by villains and have repeatedly acted in a similar role.
In reviewing the film, I did not recognize Eddie Marsan, which played an important representative and impresario Eyzenhayma Josef Fischer, who only care about fees. I also want to highlight another young actor Aaron Johnson and Eleanor Tomlinson, who played a young Edward and Sophie.
Illusionist immediately became one of my favorite movies. Fascinating, mysterious, exciting - every time he strikes my fancy, each time attracts the world of magic tricks, illusions and magic
10 of 10
Enjoy watching .!

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