"The Illusionist" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Illusion, collected together. ?. Is the benefit
Illusionist - the very word is like a flight of someone's imagination alive
Today the audience went choosy: not surprise her, and that's it! No well-established movement gymnasts or full concentration yoga or exciting na weightless dancers, as they say, "in zhist" does not collect such a full house, which will be marked by the arrival of a sorcerer or magician. It does not matter: it is a charlatan, stuntman and only - the public still will enthusiastically beating his hands. Since we are led by.
And two centuries ago? Even more naive spectators filled the huge hall. And, perhaps, not naive and willing to touch an illusion? Not really distinguish it from magic.
Nugget from a poor peasant family, polishing the skill outlandish deception, meets a girl from a wealthy family, enchanted his deft manipulation. Not having time to really get acquainted, children are forced to leave. However, youthful stubbornness did not allow them to suddenly accept the status quo, but growing up the road, originating one start, zapetlyav, more and more removed from each other ... Fate, karma, bad luck ...
time passed. Of revolutionary-minded and unrestrained feelings youngster same nugget turns to confidently stand on the magician's audience. Easy smile on the lips, pert pobloskivayuschie eyes, perfect in its kind, tricks, forcing the gullible public amazement groan and very excited - to jump on the chairs. He is perfect. What to say about the reputation Eizenheim. Speaking truthfully, she had - is highly questionable, and almost every session on one of the endless rows of seats barely restrained from perturbed cry stately peace officer. A Eizenheim all with the same confidence demonstrates new and new tricks ...
And the story would have been, to put it mildly, without intrigue. But. Experienced viewer smeknot that a reason he presented an innocent children's story of love at the beginning of the film. It has its continuation. A clear, passionate, full of memories and binders quietly smoldering passion, threatening with a convenient opportunity to inflame anew
It's no secret that girls from wealthy families -. Suitable match for the famous men. Duchess Sophie - is no exception. She was destined to incredibly beautiful, but, in general, it is unnecessary for the screen dark machinations. A woman both want to be loved ...
Invariably human actions are driven by love. Crown Prince Leopold - to himself, Sophie - to the very lad, give her the most valuable thing that only have a noble Duchess, but in the eyes of the public is hardly worthwhile; Eizenheim - to the most wonderful woman I did not manage to open
... Is that an illusion
Incredibly atmospheric pattern with a minimum of props?. Vienna appears before the audience in the majestic regularity and peaceful splendor. Do not artificially alive. Not formatted, stilistichno, without haste. One gets the feeling that the project worked diligently and intently, not forgetting to take care of the little things.
The idea is not new, but has bright elements of his own artistic individuality. If not faceted diamond was brought to the crystal clear gloss
If on existing faces, it is with great pleasure:.
Paul Giamatti as a public man is incredibly arrogant. Undoubtedly, it is the police investigation should deal with the utmost care, but. When there are no principles, to remain impartial complicated. And integrity. And then there is, in general, the meaning, even in the most intense gestures.
Jessica Biel in the image of the Duchess Sophie. Talking about it gets in the way - it completely. And externally and internally actress is a model of cleanliness and decency.
Rufus Sewell is one of the most zhaluemyh me actors of modern cinema. He is the absolute leader vtoroplanovyh villains - where not beheld. However, Leopold bit unusual characteristics in their character, it is difficult to attribute to a certain strictly defined stan - "good" or "bad." Rufus invariably plus each film.
Actually, it was the participation in the film Edward Norton prompted me to view. And expectations are justified. The ability to be so different, so unusual and at the same time "as all" - it is an integral component. Each picture updates Edward-actor, presents us with a new legend, a new story, a different past and a completely different inner world ... Norton is able to inspire.
was at a crossroads of two roads with signs "to look" or "pass" void sumnyashesya choose the first way. Nearly two hours were astonished, easily presenting its illusions you provided
The surest way to be deceived -.. Is to consider himself more cunning than others

Otmennoe cinema.

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