"The Illusionist" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At all times, the difference in origin and social status of the people was for them an insurmountable obstacle. Born on the same planet, in a single country in the same city on the same street, even in the house next door, two children were as far apart as the Emperor Napoleon of Jesus Christ. Cross this invisible line managed a few. And if that still happened, lucky, as a rule, became famous. As the hero of the story Steven Millhauser illusionist Eyzenhaym.
commoner's son, from childhood he was fascinated by all sorts of tricks and fun, and once in the field met with an old wizard who gave the boy the secrets of his skill. The boy grew up, studied, developed, improved skills and was seen. The young Duchess Sophie did not support ridicule suite of blond young man, so brilliantly on the edge of the palm holding the egg, and followed after him. Children make friends and, despite the prohibitions, met secretly with each other for several years. A feeling that grew, became stronger ... But Sophie highborn parents did not approve of her choice and separated lovers.
Many years passed, and in Vienna on tour came one Eyzenhaym, popular in Europe, the illusionist. His performances collected halls. Sold out sold out followed. Maestro did not deceive the expectations of the public. He offered her something new and unknown, the rolling submission of a magician art. His illusions were just perfect and unbelievable, the audience fell in the sorcerer's feet. Each new performance superior to the previous one. Eyzenhaym not repeated. The audience was captivated.
heard about such a bright phenomenon of the aristocracy fell to the concerts, and once on a visit to Eyzenhaymu granted himself Austrian Crown Prince Leopold and his entourage. The Wizard was taken aback. To the left of the prince shining diamond sparkled Sophie matured and fragrant. The one Sophie.
number failed. They got to know each other and have desired. But Leopold had his own plans for the Duchess, and let her go, he was not going to. However Eyzenhaym was resolute. It faced a great battle. Character, ambition, intelligence. Who is stronger?
is not the first time bitterly convinced that the post-Soviet viewer is poorly versed in the movies. That the only criterion for the vast majority of film fans is the hype and the volume of advertising. It's a shame when such films as " The Departed ", ' Prestige ' and " The Illusionist " collected almost a quarter of the room.
Who -So I called reel Neil Burger the best film of 2006. I would not be so categorically assert this. The film is really very good, but the " The Departed ", ' Prestige ', ' Letters from Iwo Jima ' and " The Pursuit of Happyness "I liked more. I find it hard to formulate the true causes little more than a cold attitude to the picture Neil Burger, but it's anything but its relative poverty. Yes, a budget of $ 16.5 million are nothing new, but you should have seen how artfully ordered the director so meager at first sight capital.
" The Illusionist " for the most part filmed in the Czech Republic, thereby reducing the expenditure statement. And not to the detriment of the case. 19th century castles, costumes, urban interiors, the political situation of those years is as authentically and convincingly. And this despite the fact that the source for the script was not a documentary work. So heir to the Austrian throne really committed suicide with his mistress in a hunting lodge in January 1889 year. And the picture derived Eyzenhaymom own, was depicted true Emperor Franz Joseph at the time.
plot is unusual and interesting. Also outlined are so flat and smooth that no pridiroshsya. Significant events are uniformly distributed over its entire length so that there is neither the time nor the desire to escape and take a break. However, most do not leave a strong impression he and high quality filming and acting game. Having in its ranks of wizards acting craft as Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti and Rufus Sewell, you can put virtually any purpose. And no doubt that the implementation will be at the highest level. And all three played brilliantly.
But if by Norton and Giamatti are always waiting for something such, then just shook Sewell. What power and inner strength in him Leopold, what authoritativeness and unwavering confidence in their uniqueness, what a sight! Look man, accustomed to command, does not accept failure, not knowing how to retreat.
Norton Hero more closed, it's all inside. He's smart, he is mysterious. We rarely see his eyes, even more rarely notice them something. Not that they are empty. Simply there is almost no emotion. They only cunning, thoughtfulness and pain. Not the most impressive Eyzenhaym and his tricks. And the way it is presented to us.
The first time you see it focuses on the public, especially in front of growing an orange tree, in the soul ascends the storm enthusiasm. And you're ready to applaud with his audience, and appended with serious efforts to restrain himself. And then horrified understanding how little separates you from embarrassment.
Yet the most difficult part, in my opinion, was at Giamatti. Senior inspector working for the Crown Prince, hoping to increase, and at the same time understands that the origin (the son of a butcher) will not allow him to expect much. The man called for service old put obstacles in the way of Eyzenheyma, but in spite of this does not conceal his admiration for the talent, is his most devoted fan. Detective in which honesty and professional duty cruelly compete with a sense of loyalty to his master and opening up in connection with the prospects. Giamatti in the role of Inspector Uhl is truly magnificent. In his actions there is nothing superfluous, his game is close to perfection.
combination of all the above qualities, together with the music of Philip Glass (which I am enthusiastic actions, admit not even noticed) and gives the magic of the film, I just that surveyed. The film, which can be, it is necessary and worth seeing
Attention -. "The Illusionist"! Magic movie! Not a masterpiece, but it is impressive.
8 out of 10

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