"The Illusionist" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I was wondering what is about to understand ... the real secret. I have seen extraordinary things, but the only mystery that I never comprehended - why my heart can not let you go

In real life, almost no space miracle?. And if still it, ghostly and elusive, ie, the good fortune to meet with him falls not for everyone and certainly not every day. But yesterday I saw him, it lasted for 110 minutes, and bore the name of "The Illusionist." Neil Burger created him from a story by Pulitzer Prize holder Steven Millhauser "The Illusionist Eyzenhaym».
This mystical story begins on the day when the son of a village carpenter Edward met most of the wizard, in whose hands the green toad turned into a rose. The boy was so impressed by what he saw that he decided to learn magic. His father made the furniture for the noble family von Teschen, and he made friends with a young duchess, who was watching, fascinated by how an ordinary hen's egg does not fall from the thin twigs and make a card leaves the deck itself. But her highborn family had their own opinion about this not worthy of the Duchess of friendship, and Edward and Sophia separated. He left his home and went on the road leading to the far eastern country, where miracles happen by themselves even in our days. After many years in Vienna came Eyzenhaym Illusionist (Edward Norton), an idea which was visited by the Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell), with the bride. Prince, as an educated man and skeptical, wanted to get to the core of the popular tricks in The Sorcerer. Perhaps this is why he proposed to his bride become party representation. And on the stage, before the eyes of the affected Edward appeared his Sophia, Duchess von Teschen (Jessica Biel).
restrained Eyzenhaym cold in an instant resets the mask and turns into a passionate person who, giving people a miracle every day, he saw it as if for the first time and now I would not part with him again. Suspicious, I must say, not without reason, Leopold put to Eyzenhaymu meticulous Inspector Uhl (Paul Giamatti), who is aiming to Vienna police chiefs and ready to dig the earth, to please his patron crowned. But his scythe to find a rock, and this rock - solid commitment illusionist take away their newfound wonder of Vienna. What sacrifices would not have to go. And he is preparing for the most important, the most difficult in my life focus, involving in it of all the other characters stories. Some people are lucky enough to speak with the spirits, someone falls to swim in the icy river with his throat cut, someone - put a bullet in the head, and someone - painfully trying to understand the meaning of what is happening. But this is only an illusion ...
Filmed in fabulously antique manner, when the edges of the frame spread out in a brown suede haze and create an extraordinary feeling of unreality of what is happening, adding to the illusion that occurs on the screen, and in this story. In this picture a special beauty and its hypnotic effect on the viewer. A little-known, in general, the director has tried to cloak the fakir and a miracle on the film, which he is sure to succeed. Another focus of his magnificent - with the transformation into a vein all the medieval Prague, which recognizes
heart can not but pay tribute to the plot and constructed a very unusual way and filled with small and very important detail, which in any case can not be let out of sight. to understand the essence of the focus. And this is the most difficult. I started to watch a beautiful fairy tale with flying flutes and orange trees. Around the middle of upset and once again acknowledged that life is cruel and ... well, what can we do, it happens ... But, as it happens on the presentation at the circus, felt subconsciously I knew that somewhere there is still a catch, but was unable to the end of the film to see where he is. And in the final exclaimed in unison with the inspector Ulema: "Of course," and I smiled with him. What? Watch this fascinating film and be sure to understand! After all, that is not only the story itself is certainly exciting, but those who played the whole focus, I mean a great ensemble cast.
Edward Norton surprises every time in each role. And this time, too. It seems, well, all the better to play anymore. He again and again proves that it is possible and in another way, perhaps, simply can not. Amazing talent to play only the expression of the eye, without moving and without saying a word! Crown Prince Leopold - piercing eyes tinged with hatred and superiority secret, subtle disdain at the corners of his thin lips ... and relentless determination to bring focus to the tragic finale for Prince. With Inspector enthusiast Ulema - sympathy, easy condescension, and - the ultimate sincerity. "I promise you will like my idea." And it enjoyed the same! With it - I can not describe, really can not. Such eyes as Edward Norton's look at a real miracle, a riddle that can not ever solve.
aristocratically lean, elegant Norton looks amazing in the costumes of the nineteenth century, wears them so naturally, as if all his life and dress. He catches the eye, and being on stage in glory, and in the crowd, hiding from the police bloodhounds, and in the spring river water, weeping bitterly about killed his beloved. He fills the film a powerful energy, forcing admire his game. All the other actors: Jessica Biel, Rufus Sewell, look next to them as interesting and useful tools a magician, not more. Although I probably unfair to one of them - a small, plump and sweet inspector Ulyu. Paul Giamatti is perfectly suited for this role. I told him almost applauded.
Yes. One more thing. "The Illusionist" for some reason constantly compared with the "Prestige". Perhaps not without reason. But, in my opinion, it is not worth doing, because the ideas are quite different. "Prestige" - a completely different story, tough and at times angry and, most importantly, do not mean that. Chris Nolan if two people are in a frenzy over the corpses, the blood, other people's happiness for the sake of prestige, then Neil Berger - for the sake of the only things in the world, the only miracle that has no explanation, no clues
I would call "The Illusionist. "fairy tale for adults, bestowing light and hope. Easy-raid policy, detective line does not interfere with the film taken in this, the fairy way, because first of all it is the story of a magical feeling, which is not given to understand the secret to anyone, there is nothing more illusory love and nothing more real in her life.

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