"The Illusionist" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

- What is the secret of focus
-? Nobody knows
-. He is a charlatan and a crook. He rigged.
Film Oscar nominee under the book pulittserovskgo laureate Steven Mallhauzera "Eyzenhaym Illusionist." Addictive magical story of passionate love and superhuman passion of the producers greatest hits "40 Days and 40 Nights," "House of Sand and Fog," "on the sidelines", one of the most talented actors of Edward Norton in the lead role, was published in 2006. Illusionist Eyzenhaym one flick of the wrist fascinated Viennese public of the early twentieth century, but the heart of the great magician and sorcerer was given to a single woman. To win the mistress, the ruler of the minds and illusions decided on its most important focus. ... This, in fact, and built subject of the picture.
Understand the film can only be the second time. The first is too much emotion, which will prevent an objective perception of interrelated parts. From this point of view, the film is a treasure trove and a bottomless pit. However often you see, you will always find something new. So, let's storyline, which, I hope, you are already familiar
plot illuminated from several points of view. Inspector Uhl (pseudo-true), the main characters (hidden), common (the other characters and the audience). In this case, all the action takes place around the same, as we later learn, focus. But first, I do not think so. It is a common tragedy. But all this husk. She climbs down to the last frame, where he revealed the secret of focus. Of course, the viewer begins to suspect something is already at the climax (disappearance Eyzenhayma), even more vague foreboding intensified after Crown Prince's suicide scene. But the focus on that and there to make the viewer believe in miracles and does not realize that his fooled. So we decided, the focus was the place to be now more about his purposes and methods of implementation.
What is the purpose pursued Illusionist? He answers this question: «Be it» . All for the sake of love. Tragic love: they were familiar from childhood, but they were separated circumstances. He was from a poor family, she - a noblewoman, duchess. How close they might be? And now, after many years in front of them gets the same problem. But now complicated by the existence between lovers fiance Sophie Crown Prince - cruel, aspiring to power, strong-willed person. On it are different rumors. It is said that one of his mistresses, he pushed off the balcony. And they say: he is preparing a coup to dethrone his father. This is why it is necessary and Sophie, so he did not let go, and will pursue. They do not escape. He knows this and she and Eyzenhaym. But they want to be together, and nothing will stop
. «- She knows where it leads
-? Entirely ...»
In order to live in peace they you must get rid of the Crown Prince of persecution or from himself. Illusionist finds a way out: to adjust the death and blame heir
«You can do anything you want, without fear of consequences.. And there is no one to punish you. With one exception ... »
Yes, is not that simple. Then the conspirators found an unexpected ally, has become an obedient tool in the hands of a magician. This Senior Inspector Uhl - ally Prince, the faithful dog on the mysteries, but has not yet lost the elementary principles and are not sold with giblets for all the blessings. Only he can stop the raging prince, but only if he would believe in his guilt. That means we must make him believe. And this is where the magic begins in the "Theater of the viewer."
Once Eyzenhaym already fooled inspector died of his ardor, as he tried to find out the secret of "orange tree". And he did it so beautifully that the inspector did not find anything to object and, in principle, was pleased. He got a little secret, without realizing that by doing so it distracted from the larger. But the main focus ahead.
How illusionist forced to believe in the guilt of the Crown Prince? The makings for it already: the inspector was aware of the explosive nature of the heir to the throne, moreover, had an exceptional respect for Eyzenhayma personality. It's an emotional basis, which evolved in a certain manner the evidence. The testimony of witnesses, the gems in the folds of clothing, Sophie and in the stable, the blood in the stall, a medallion and a certificate of course the most "dead»: «He is now in this room» . Only Inspector Uhl knew the Crown Prince at the time sitting in the crowd. In general, an intelligent and pragmatic inspector let himself be fooled, to believe in the supernatural is happening
Another mistake he made, when the double-seduced by the lure -. The folder "Orange Tree". Eyzenhaym also knew that his secret weakness for this focus. Of course, the second time the inspector had already suspected something, and later even realized. He still managed to uncover the secret of focus. But it was too late. The goal is reached: the lovers are free. The inspector can only laugh at his own folly, to remove his hat and applauding the brilliant stunts
«Everything that you've seen - an illusion.".
Another controversial personality - Crown Prince. He's not even a puppet, but a man who is sawn in a square box. Helpless, but no less vicious and dangerous. He understands that he is innocent, but can not explain it to myself (because no memory) and prove to others, and therefore angry. He - the only one of the masses, knowing that everything that happens focus. But he can not explain it, only imagine.
«He is trying to deceive you. I try to enlighten you. ? Which of these noble objectives »
This character - a classic example of how attitude can affect the reputation of others and the destiny. After all, public opinion, it is not the last thing operated Eyzenhaym, creating the illusion for the inspector.
In general, we see the fine details of the overall picture is created. It is illusory, but the audience believe in it. And all of this is controlled by "puppet master" - the great magician and sorcerer, a charlatan and a crook, ready to do anything for love. Play play-a tragedy for one spectator - that only a smaller part. Hence the question arises: how to distinguish truth from falsehood, and generally whether there is the line, or all that matters - it is the belief of individuals, the weight ratio, formed under the influence of a strong personality. The question is open. After all, everyone has him your answer. Anyone who wants to be fooled - will. It does not matter by whom and when. Just people like to believe, and that what they believe - there is truth to them
«Sometimes it really is just an illusion»
10 of 10..

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