The hungry games interview Essay

Natalie: Why did you choose Peeta Mellark over Gale Hawthorne?

Katniss: I chose Peeta Mellark over Gale Hawthorne because, even though Gale is just like me I liked Peeta’s kindness. And that is why I love him more.

Natalie: Were you scared when you volunteered tribute for you younger sister?

Katniss: I was very scared about being in the Hunger Games but, it was me or my sister and so I put myself in that position to help my sister have a better life than me and live on. In the end though I found Peeta and I believe it was destiny in a way.

Natalie: At the beginning you said you did not want to have kids yet you have two of them now. How did you change your mind?

Katniss: I think the reason I did not want to have kids at the beginning is because the way I grew up and how I had had to fight so hard just to stay alive and help my family stay alive. I guess I did not want to put my children in the same position in which I was in. But when I met Peeta I guess he reminded me that those are my strengths and that the make me a stronger being for going through that.

Natalie: While you were in the Hunger games was it hard to find food, water, shelter, warmth?

Katniss:At first I was a bit off track but when I got my bow and arrow and got used the environment I got it all under control. I think my childhood helped with my survival skills.

Natalie: When Peeta helped you survive when you were younger did you have feeling for him then?

Katniss: To tell you the truth, not at all I was just thankful to him for saving my and my families live when we needed it most.

Natalie: At the end of the book were you going to actually going to eat the poisonous berries with Peeta so he did not have to kill you and he did not have to kill you?

Katniss: I was willing but in my mind I kinda knew that the people in charge of the game would not like that and all the the districts would hate them for letting us commit suicide. I guess Peeta and I lucked out.

Natalie: When you were fighting through the hungry games, when you got hurt did you feel put down to just give up?

Katniss: No, I did not feel that I should just give up even though my self conscious got in the way of it sometimes I made a promise to Gale(Hawthorne) that I will not give up and try my best. It turns out that helped me through it.

Natalie:Was it hard when you mom had suicidal depression?

Katniss: Yes it was very hard because since my dad has passed and my mother in their state that she was I had to be a mother figure to my mom and my little sister.

Natalie: Why did you feel connected to the mockingbird pin?

Katniss: When I received that pin I felt connected to it because my dad would always sing a mockingbird song to the birds. The pin made me feel like there was a peice of him with me.

Natalie:Who taught you how to use your bow and arrow?

Katniss: I learned how to use a bow and arrow from my father. My father taught me how to help our provide what is needed to survive. Even when my father passed away I still practice and basically because a master with it.

Natalie: What kind of connection did you and Rue have.

Katniss: Rue and I were both scared and so were decided to team up. When the days passed by she made me stronger just by staying with her. When she passed I felt heart broken and wanted to take it out on something but instead I used it to help thoses who loved her back at home.

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