"The House I Live In (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In my opinion, a good idea - to divide people into those who are in no way "he could not chew, when you read" and, say, it is capable of in the same situation to say something like: "we listen, listen!" It is significant to my opinion. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. Even without the test -. Just a fact of life
general picture attracts the brightness of images. It is limited in space, action, an impression only stronger pulses, giving the viewer the slightest pause. Emotions, passions - sometimes causing very conflicting feelings and thoughts. Of course, to achieve such a result could only be provided by the maximum dedication actors. And here it is difficult to single out someone in particular. Psychologically slightly advantageous, perhaps a little easier role in M. Ulyanov - say. But is E. Matveev did everything possible to ensure that his hero was in its own way understood by the audience? A very difficult task, given the way things are going on the screen, do not you?
though I'm not talking about that famous (as it turned out much later) monologue "From what people do not fly ..." from childhood was associated at me with some kind of a mysterious old Soviet black-and-white picture and the fragile young girl. Since childhood! Now at least I know what kind of film. Probably, ideally this movie should be so - in power produced by the impression, at least
No, the film is, of course, is not perfect.. I think, in the first place - just in its attempt to idealize something. Other characters are already too good to endlessly emphasize this fact. However, unfortunately, it seems that, for example, at one and the same war from the same family you can go in different ways: as a father - quietly, without pathos, etc., and his youngest son - with the staff of military chronicles. complemented by artistic inserts, etc. All this is understandable and even, perhaps, be forgiven, but ... To anything.
Not a single superfluous word we do not hear about the fate of the hero Mikhail Ulyanov, short phrase, "Father ..." explains everything when it comes to the head of the family. You feel the level ?! Here is what a worthwhile endeavor. Nothing superfluous, superficial. Everything is so clear, in the artistic sense of the moment and without an extremely exciting and solemnly sad. Sorry, not the whole picture is sustained at such a high level - it would, no doubt, aerobatics
9 out of 10.

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