"The House I Live In (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In my opinion, this is one of the best films of Soviet cinema paramilitary subjects. Seen this movie a hundred times already, but it still looks the same breath as the first time
In this film perfectly all -. The story underlying the scenario, directing, the actors, the characters, family and other values ​​
plot ingeniously simple: in Moscow new calls in Davydov family: mother (V. Telegin), father (AN Elizarov), the youngest son Sergei (V. Zemlyanikin), daughter Kate (R. Shorohova). Have Davydov also the eldest son of Constantine (E. Matveev), Military. With his arrival, and twisted one of the storylines of the film
fact that next to Davydov lived a young married couple -. Geologist Dmitry (M. Ulyanov) and his bored idleness wife Lida (E. Myshkova). Husband all the time on expeditions and Lida does not work and embroider cushions waiting not very beloved husband. And then there is Constantine military - beautiful, strong, attentive. By suddenly surging passion Lida dizzy.
youngest son Sergei Dmitry admires and dreams, as he did, to become a geologist. Sergei does not understand the Lido, which is behind her husband, even unloved, had an affair with his brother. Condemns it and Constantine, insisting on his departure.
Lida decided to withdraw from the unloved, freak her husband's work, when to start a war that will put everything in its place.
tragic fate of his beloved Sergei Ghali (J. Bolotov). Beautiful, intelligent, romantic girl, who dreams of becoming an actress. In the family, she came up against a lack of understanding of parents who believed Mummery frivolous pastime. There are only three people who understand it and that it is in its own values. This love and devoted to her Sergei. It Dmitry, praised her zeal and enthusiasm for acting (because he is a keen). This is a known theatrical diva giving a tick acting lessons (K. Elanskaya). War spodvigaet Galina give up the dream for an indefinite period: she is not traveling with their parents in the evacuation and remained in Moscow to work as a nurse, together with Lida
war will take away the life of his father Davydov, turn sharply to the old mother.. All the others will return, but their lives will not be the same.
movie idea is simple, but nevertheless very important and profound. So much good has this movie - respect for parents, the value of the institution of family, love, patriotic attitude towards the motherland, good neighborliness and the principles of simple human sympathy, compassion and humanity
When I watch this movie, crying all the time.. For me this is a serious indicator. Eternal values ​​do not grow old. And carrying their films, books are always alive in the memory and significant.
all highly recommend. Really wonderful example of a good family film in black and white. By the way, the film's director L. Kulidzhanov fulfills the role in the film Gali father.

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