"The House I Live In (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In 16 years, the actress Jeanne Bolotov made her film debut in the movie Lion Kulidzhanov 'The house in which I live. " And the initiative is not just a success, as was some kind of a pass to the world of cinema. Yes, there is her behind a hundred or more roles, but there is a role-Ghali, has the role of Hope Andreyevna 'Life of holidaymakers' Varvara Voloshinoy of "Life, tears and love ...'. And I was lucky that I was slowly discovering this actress, as well as Ninel Myshkova, played the role of Lida, screen wife of Mikhail Ulyanov in the film. I apologize for such a departure, just hot on the trail of emotions still hot from previous like to express my sincere admiration for this woman's game.
viewer with the experience certainly find common ground with this film Michael Kalatozova 'The Cranes Are Flying. " Here and there the pre-war and war time, here and there of female infidelity, but personally I liked the movie Lion Kulidzhanov more. Hooked, one word. 1935. The new house populated by two families. And of them, in fact, and will be discussed. Serge and Galya still very small. She's going to go to the music lesson, and he by virtue of his boyish recklessness and rollicking run through the puddles, showering Galya and her mother muddy splashes, causing the girl rescued from the lesson, it is worth dirty and smiling. Looking ahead, we will see a similar scene in the final film that will tell us about the art director, who has not missed this detail, despite the tragic denouement.
not focusing on the year 1935, we gradually transported in 1941, the year the war began . But while the voice from the loudspeaker is silent, we will see our heroes grown up, matured. Of course we are in the picture, not only is based on the relationship of young people, but there is also a love story, like what Dmitry Fedorovich (Mikhail Ulyanov) was married to Lida (Ninel Myshkova), a geologist at work, take and ued in one of its geological trips, and take a wife, and do not refuse the bone or Constantine (Eugene Matveev). But the hand-wringing will not find you here. Dmitry Fedorovich will go to the front, not knowing about the betrayal of his wife, though their relationship will certainly crack.
Like me head of the family, the father of Craps, Serezha and Katya (Rima Shorohova). Reliable right person. Such betrays a difficult minute. It's great that Kulidzhanov found the man and gave him the role! Still, I'm going back to the young Seryozha and Gale. You see what they tremulous relationship. Timid sympathy in the beginning. But as soon as Seryozha go to the front as Galya left him to wait despite the constant bombing and at the time when her parents left. And it came. Barely alive from hunger and cold wait. Well, and then, stepping on the throat of his own song, is hidden deep dream of the actress's career, he got a rate of nurses and went to the front. When Sergei came back, and although I will not go on about, because it's hard, because it is better to see once. Without a doubt - a strong picture, one of the best in 1957. Do not forget about the song 'Silence of Rogozhskaya Gate'. Must see this movie!
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