"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The streams shall run in gladness,
The lakes shall shine and burn,
All sorrow fail and sadness
At the Mountain-king's return! (C)

Peter Jackson once pleased us trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings', took the other immortal works of JRR Tolkien -.. 'The Hobbit'
When I learned that cinemas finally comes out this film, I was just overjoyed. I had quite a long wait for the premiere in Russia, but it was worth it. I was among the first who bought a ticket and went to the movies. And if the first film did not cause me any complaints, it 'Desolation of Smaug' made a very mixed impression on me.
plot, I hope all is well known. I will not repeat - not enough space
Let's analyze a work of art in detail, taking into consideration all the pros and cons
Many negative reviews are based on the fact that PJ too carried away by his amateur -.. introduced a new character added storyline, something has changed at all ..
But first things first
picturized such work -. it is in any case very seriously. And, of course, you can just show up on the screen all the things that happened in the book, which is what the fans want to Tolkien. But if they are, what time the movie will turn? I am not in any way belittle the talent of the writer, but let's take into consideration the fact that we are living in the 21st century, when many people go to the movies for special effects, for the handsome actor / actresses and humor - no matter how banal, flat, or even black. Now most consumers need something deep, beautiful, funny and friendly
Peter gives us all this -. In the plot, everything is clear and predictable (even with all the innovations), a lot of computer graphics, with whom one stops breathing, and others sore eyes and handsome actors on which it is impossible not well zasmotretsya
Now more
film is full of action, time and time again of successive -. a constant dynamics, which, of course, we refer to the pluses - every minute of your eyes focused on the screen and pull them to me personally I was about difficult.
Cast me partly pleased, and disappointed. Even in the first film, I felt that Freeman is not suitable for the role of the hobbit, sat up at home, but he was able to fully convince me - not for a moment Martin got out of his way, for which many thanks to him. Honestly, his hobby was very nice, as banal as it may sound, but still we were able to follow the evolution of the character for two films. Acting ability Sir Ian McKellen will delight even a gourmet cinema - he has remained the same wizard in gray robes, who often speaks in riddles, smokes a pipe, and, oddly enough, has a sense of humor. His game is as always at a high level, and it seems, is not going to lower the bar, even though the age. Armitage is the second film in a row leads me into a stupor, his character, kind of like, must be serious, somewhere cold, he nothing should interfere in achieving the ultimate goal - it is the King, and he is expected to adoption fast and accurate decisions. But I'm still torn between the assessments 'good feel about your character' and 'a little wooden' .. In general, it will be even, where to turn in the third film, and I hope it will dispel all my doubts. Orlando Bloom, which in love with the female half of the world's population after watching 'The Lord of the Rings', in contrast to his character is a simple man, and aging as well as all people. My opinion - it was in the movie plus. First, no matter how multilayer was not his makeup, he still has not managed to hide Bloom's age. Secondly, I can imagine how much money forked Orlando for this film, and it can be seen from time to time - sometimes he tries, do not say anything, but sometimes like to forget that you need to play, and walks with a straight face, all waiting for the same already approach while handing fee. Much more fascinated by his father .. In the book the king's name is not mentioned at all, but in the film he assigned a considerable role - thanks to Jackson, because he tried to reveal this character. Lee Pace failed in its role to just 'bang' and became the new object of desire of young (and not) girls / women. It belongs to Thorin's not like the King under the Mountain, is eager only gems that have remained in Erebor under the protection of the dragon, is not interested in what is happening outside of his forest kingdom. And perhaps, in the film, he went too brutal and uncompromising, but only gives it charm. Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gormanu was able to convince me that the dwarves can be just as desirable as the elves. Remember Gimli - melenky, funny and bearded, all regarded him as a companion a handsome prince and a good friend. Finally, we come to a new character - Tauriel, Forest Elf that Thranduil (it is not clear why) had raised 600 years, if my memory serves me. I have no complaints about the Evangeline Lilly, because it is at the time of filming and really became elf - this role though was created for her. But suddenly there was a question - is it for women (of any race) was not always a priority to marry a decent human / elf / dwarf? Since when is a virgin holding a weapon and is the captain of the guard? Done, of course, Smaug, which was supposed to be a highlight of the film, and he has become. Dragon went truly majestic, sometimes scary and, despite this,
beautiful scenery and effects that were said to be at an altitude throughout the film -. That there is one Esgarot. However, there were too many, and sometimes I forget that not a cartoon look
pleased also music -. It does not detract from the film, but on the contrary - forced to dive into it almost to the head. Incidentally, the song 'I see fire', sounding in the credits, and then I listened for a long time, not looking
Most importantly -. A film for watching people of all ages - both children and parents will be interested to go to the movies on a film .
Actually, the results .. Personally, I would not mind the money or almost three hours in a movie theater. I love the books of Tolkien, but I also have a positive attitude to some innovations that allowed myself to bring Peter Jackson. Fans-conservatives vehemently convinced that the film should not be different from the book, it will be difficult to look at what is happening on the screen. And everything else - I advise. These hours of your life will not knowingly
-. For Bloom
- for eye fatigue
(special effects play too too bad)
8 of 10

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