"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Most precisely my feelings and impressions after watching the second part of the trilogy «The Hobbit» be expressed that way about ten exclamation points, as well as after the four previous films Peter Jackson on the magical world of Middle-earth. World, which is completely immersed from the first minute and that was so sorry to leave, even in the case if each of the films did not last three to four hours, and ten.
All of the above fully applies to the picture < b> «The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug», that you tighten the very first frame. Jackson again managed to surprise unexpected but logical prologue, through which one of the protagonists, we see quite an unexpected side and simultaneously tune into the "wave" of new secrets, mysteries, intrigue and adventure with dizzying action going wild. Yes, the latest in the second half compared to the first one, clearly dominates, but thanks to the high quality setting and delicacy director in relation to the smallest detail, all the scenes look beautiful, spectacular, and in the same breath.
I believe that the positive aspects of this much more than it seems. For example, the more comfortable and tastier for connoisseur steel in the second chamber portion of the scene, which Thank God suffice. This is already mentioned prologue, and the scene in the house of Beorn, and the entire line Tauriel - Keeley, and a small dialog with Gandalf Bilbo before Mirkwood. Beautiful as all the episodes with Thranduil, although they, in my opinion, could use a few more timing.
In addition, the director has filled the film wonderful references to «The Lord of the Rings», starting with the cute little things like cat and his own, painfully familiar, cameo, and ending with a scene of the most powerful Gandalf -. Necromancer
about actors is actually in the «... the Desolation of Smaug», you can talk a lot, and only in the best of terms. We were pleased and the old guard and new faces, well played as the main and vtoroplanovyh even episodic characters. In particular, liked the Luke Evans, who played the Bard, and Mikael Persbrandt, perfectly reincarnated in Beorn. Sylvester McCoy (Radagast), though present in relatively small amounts, but it is literally a couple of his episodes at once uplifting, even though we have seen it in quite a gloomy place.
Elves. The Evangeline Lilly zealots Tolkien has already released the arrow is much more than herself in her character of orcs. To me, this character seems appropriate and acceptable, as the line of her relationship with Legolas, a role which is still unique Orlando Bloom . It looks interesting and its line with Keely. Well, Thranduil, of course, resulting in Lee Pace majestic, graceful, but not without weaknesses, elf and not so: pride, arrogance, selfishness and certainly not elven unhealthy craving for gold and jewelry, which is considered dwarven master artisan priority.
Gnome. Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield - one of the undoubted success for the director, feel exactly what the actor here is needed at the level of intuition, and for the most Armitage, which Thrór and Trine heir surely open wide road to a great movie, and bring in the top group of actors recognized celebrities. Richard just beautifully played the character. Already in the «... An Unexpected Journey» it appears different, but at the same time, this same dwarf. The «... The Desolation of Smaug» actor surpassed himself, as in his hero mixed virtues, passions and weaknesses, often experienced at the same time and in almost every episode. Almost every scene is Thorin, not like the fact that he was a minute ago. Armitage has managed to penetrate the most hidden corners of the soul of the hero, to understand it, feel and play at the highest emotional limit. After the first part of the wire, in my opinion, unfounded parallels between Thorin and Aragorn, so hit Armitage in «... An Unexpected Journey» to your gentility in the best sense of the word, not so much external as internal - greatness of spirit, all the more significant if we remember that it is still more mundane dwarf. After a second, I think, can be just as much right to talk about "boromiristosti" Thorin par with his "aragonistostyu" because passion gnome leader strikingly reminded almost similar experience of the eldest son of the Steward of Gondor. Boromir's motives, however, were somewhat different. But by God, frantic glance at Bilbo Thorin in Erebor, inadvertently suggestive only if Arkenston the cause, or even a certain object in the pocket of a hobbit. In truth, to «The Desolation of Smaug ...» Aragorn and Boromir in one person seems to me slightly, but Armitage brilliantly denied my prejudices skillfully combining all the feelings of these two characters in a truly explosive mixture. One of the above points in front of the secret entrance to Erebor enough to head to confirm this. Thorin trembling voice and his look in this scene can not be forgotten! Once again, bravo! Now, almost a year will live in anticipation of how much more will tell us new Armitage of Torino in the third part, the good material for strong scenes with him plenty left.
Bilbo . On the surface it may seem that the Jackson pushed the hero Martin Freeman into the background, but if you peer deeper, analyzing each episode individually, and plot as a whole, you know, it's not So. Almost throughout the hobbit action role in an event, usually one of the key. Freeman is also able to successfully demonstrate a change in his character. The culmination of the same for the Freeman was the scene with the dragon, prepared and performed at a high level.
But that to the Dragon now blows, probably in a terrible sacrilege, but, nevertheless, does not I understand and still do not understand the reason for such a rush that rose around him. Smaug drawn well, and his movements Benedict Cumberbatch has worked well. But that is something out of the ordinary? ... I would not say. In my opinion, in a number of fantasy films dragons made slightly worse. For example, the same sapphire from «Eragon» for all the relative quality of the movie as a whole, looks in comparison with Smaug very decent. Voice of the Benedict immediately to the place, but certainly there were other options, not to spoil the impression of Smaug. In short, the dragon and the artist are no comments, but there is no delight aspirated
Knowing the customs of Peter Jackson, do not doubt that in the final part of the trilogy «The Hobbit: There and Back Again." we are waiting for a lot of things very interesting and tasty spectator, whose director prepared and removed from the excess.
10 of 10

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