"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For a long time I put off writing a review of the second part of the «The Hobbit» . After the first show, last year, there were some mixed feelings, and I wanted to wait to see the movie on the Internet, to later easily assess and dismantle all impressions on the shelves.
Over the past few weeks, that's what I managed to do. I reviewed the film several times, several times overestimated the individual scenes and characters. I wanted to be very fair and impartial in his review as being a big fan of Tolkien's work, I tend to a little emotionally react to the film adaptation of his work.
All my initial concerns about splitting a small (compared to the «VK» < / i>) of the book «The Hobbit» in the three films of three hours each, I expressed in the first review. The first film, despite the fact that there are many conventional wisdom with my own vision of the «The Hobbit», I managed to more or less like it. The secret was that the most abstract from their own ideas about what should be a film based on this book and that you actually know about the plot. As often happens with adaptations.
I really fell in love with a trilogy «The Lord of the Rings» , which I still regularly revised. Having overcome their initial disappointment that the Peter Jackson was unable (or unwilling) to preserve the atmosphere of "VC" in "The Hobbit" by making the latter a little more commercial and mainstream, I was hoping that the second part of a new trilogy please me more than the first film, as with its predecessor. As it turned out, my expectations did not come true.
«The Desolation of Smaug», as the first part, is clearly divided into several parts, it does not have the wealth and diversity of "VC". I think of these individual parts would be easy and appropriate to evaluate the film:
The scene in the village of Bree and the tavern "Prancing Pony» On the one hand - this is a very nice flashback to the «Fellowship of the Ring. » . Quite interesting scene between Gandalf and Thorin, explaining why and how the gnomes began a campaign accompanied by the wizard. All would be good, if not a cameo by Peter Jackson. Honestly, I have most of the annoying pop when directors themselves (or their children) in the movie as extras. Absolutely unnecessary distraction.
Scenes from Beorn made no special impression. The hero seemed to me somewhat boring (for its capacity). Like many elements in "The Hobbit", this part of the film lacked the depth and meaning. Of course, it is interesting to look at Tolkien werewolf - but here it flashed on the screen, said a few sentences and disappeared
Scenes in Mirkwood (Mirkwood) ... again, have not made a decent impression.. In particular, if we compare these scenes with Fangorn from the "VC". Mirkwood will be too artificial, caricatured and faded. According to the book represents his very different - beautiful and magical, with a slight but distinct hint of danger. There are, of course, dark, sinister twisted trees, but they are, oddly enough, does not evoke real horror. Like the flooded forest spiders
Scenes in Erin Lasgalen (Palace of wood elves) -. Action, although there was to be the primary source, the film turned out to be either missing parts or redone. Dialogue between Thorin and Thranduil was also redesigned, and from the book was gone in the movie. However, it is understandable and justified - to support the story and the mood of the film, it was necessary to come up with something more dramatic and tense - bearing in mind that the film was coined by a personal conflict between the Dwarves and the elven kings. And, unlike the book, the film is not the dwarves stayed "at a party" the elves and day.
The scene on the river chase has turned a fun and dynamic. Probably the only fight scene, where the fight really looked more or less appropriate and exciting. Legolas, bouncing on the heads of the dwarves -. One of the main haylaytov second part
Scene in the Lake District town ... did not like. Several tight and a lot of unpleasant, boring characters. Scenes of fights with Legolas and Tauriel some fun story. By the way, private confrontation Legolas, and Bulgaria could and delicately beat.
Finally, scene Lonely Mountain and familiarity with Smaug. Honestly, Smaug has not made me really such a memorable experience. Of course, this grand and beautifully made and full of the dragon, but to directly goosebumps, like some ... not. In many ways, I think the impression spoiled by the fact that Bilbo played Martin Freeman, firmly associated me with the role of Dr. Watson in BBC Sherlock, and in the voice of Smaug is easy to learn to voice his Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Sherlock, in the same series. Although some individual moments I quite liked - such as the time of a giant golden statue Thrór or reasoning Smaug that he is almost ready to succumb to the temptation to give Arkenstone Thorin to watch as he goes crazy. In general, the final scene left indifferent
More specifically, that was pleasant:.
Tauriel Like many, I had my doubts about her character. but in the end - very nice charismatic nerven, diluting their presence predominance of men in the film. Even venture to say that she is my favorite character in the "VC" and "The Hobbit».
Thranduil was impressed. I even say that his character - the main decoration of the film. The idea is based on the book, the elf lord was, once again, be easier than, say, Celeborn and Elrond, but in the film it is the most beautiful and magnificent elf.
soundtrack. I several new favorite songs:. Feast of Starlight, the Forest River and Beyond the Forest
Do not like:
the abundance of fights and other action Three hours. which could be spent on character development and deepening of the plot, it was spent on the fight scene, which, needless to say, was not in the book at all. In this regard, "The Hobbit", unfortunately, is firmly on the same shelf with poppy adaptations of comics, such as "Thor».
Where mocking and good-natured Wood Elves? Instead, they simply ninja clan some, honestly. No peers - either in the forest or in the palace have not been shown. No funny scenes with drunken elves.
And so to spoil the image of Legolas ... I wish it was not here at all, than to turn this good, beautiful and bright character in an angry and jealous uncle with painted eyes.
The lack of character development of the characters. Replacement of the actual depth of the plot to the predictable elements, like romantic line between dwarf and elf.
In general i can say that the film, unfortunately, disappointed. There were and there are good elements, but they are - one, too little for a film of this scale
5 of 10 .

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