"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

paraphrase Boromir, «you can not just take and not to see" The Hobbit »...»
«whether people will fly to Mars, to build a a city on the moon? Will World War? whether the cancer, AIDS and cure a runny nose? Whether Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" will remove .. "(Sergey Lukyanenko's novel" Draft ", 2004.)
Chapter VII -? Calm before the storm
know, Peter Jackson after all the master. Short story stretched to three films, each of which goes for 2.5 hours - is not every director is able. Unfortunately, the naked eye can see that the "Lord of the Rings," he took off for the soul, to revive the legend created by Tolkien, but "The Hobbit", he takes in the name of green. Therefore stretches gum for the second year in a row, adding to it their parts or moments of personal fantasy drafts wizard. All year before the premiere of «The Desolation of Smaug» BK fans are surely wondering how Jackson shared "The Hobbit" trilogy on that left a sequel, and that the third part. The weight of the second film attached to the endless references to "Lord of the Rings." That's the prologue of "Wasteland" Schirra began in the suburbs, in the tavern "Prancing Pony» ...
Chapter VIII - Elven race
Plot After crossing the Misty Mountains. and the battle with the goblins and orcs Bilbo and Co. continue their way to the Lonely Mountain. To do this, they have to go through Mirkwood, teeming with man-eating spiders. Battle with them - another reference to the classic trilogy (in the movie "Return of the King," Frodo, armed with Sting, and Sam faced with an army of spiders). Sequel filmed very balanced, like the majority of the most popular blockbusters. Then you and the shooter, embodying epic battle with the spiders and orcs. Legolas especially distinguished himself, who in this film will not only be with a bow, but a sword. And armed with this very sword, he takes a short but memorable fight with an orc in the Lake city (close to the 'Wasteland' finale).
Links to past Jackson's trilogy (line with magician Nikromantom) immediately make "The Hobbit" is much older rather than the literary original, published in 1937. Reference to the EC and is a love triangle (for a children's fairy tale - too hard and overkill for fantasy blockbuster - at the time). And if the friendship between the elf Legolas and the dwarf Gimli we no longer surprise the love of sympathy between handsome Kiely (apparently - almost Aragorn) and forest Tauriel it sounds like a blatant melodrama. Add to the severity of "invisible" jealous Legolas and cocktail ready
Chapter IX -. From the frying pan into the fire
From fire, actually - from the kingdom of forest elves with Thranduil headed, yes in a frying pan - into the hands of the orcs during the ride on the barrels. Escape the brave dwarves to help the elves: a militant Tauriel and a bit arrogant Legolas (agree, not very politely to stand on their heads gnomes, although the effects left awesome). The scale of the fight on the banks of the turbulent river again evokes nostalgia for the "Lord of the Rings." And let the special effects and the plot of the film, Peter is clearly not greedy and tried to give the most delicious products, from the humor in the "wasteland" question appeared more modest than in the "Travel". You will find a maximum of two or three jokes, which is quite a pity, in my opinion.
This fact, of course, it emphasizes that "Wasteland" is much more mature and darker than the first film, even though the writers and tried to dilute his bright landscapes and the same melodramatic line. If we compare the first film to the second in this respect, the original of 2012, no doubt, takes revenge
Chapter X -. Will return to our king
Actor's game This is what a sequel to 'The Hobbit' is strong, so that's acting talent. Well, you can not just look without emotion on Martin Freeman - a colorful character he has left such an unexpected, versatile. In Bilbo uniquely combined courage, fear and incredible charisma. Our "dear Doctor Watson 'gets five and another solid proof that he was in the role of the hobbit in place. Services that it sometimes surround gay (the Ian McKellen, the colleagues on the series 'Sherlock', Mark Gettis and Andrew Scott). Richard Armitage returned to the role of Thorin Oakenshield, and also did an amazing job. Terrible Lord of the Dwarves, on which, to be honest, we should look with caution - the closer it is to the Lonely Mountain with gold, the obsession with becoming the ruler of gnomes. Remarkably shows the duality of the character - a noble struggle for native Erebor to reclaim his gnomes. And, at the same time, the passion for wealth, leading to madness. Charisma him Richard occupy as Freeman
Ian McKellen as you want, place it in the universe Rowling -. He was too in all film adaptations of JRR Tolkien looked like Albus Dumbledore, and a hat of Gandalf - spilled Hogwarts Sorting Hat (Gandalf's fight scene and Nikromanta - though the battle Patronus and Dementor)! Although, Gandalf, and is an integral part of the history of the Hobbits, and the actor in the years just artistically accustomed to the role 10 years ago.
is curious that in the trilogy was filmed VC star of TV series 'Lost' (LOST), Dominic monks (the hobbit Merry), and now the universe of Tolkien himself dedicated Evangeline Lilly (Tauriel). Actress skillfully managed to embody the image of the forest elf, who craves security for its people. All her charm and talent shows exactly that, the external data also play a significant role. Veterans 'Lord' here joined forever young Orlando Bloom - a serious, stern, mysterious and very kind. Funny, but Bloom two years older than Lee Pace, who played Thranduil, Legolas' father. A Stephen Fry is anyone to know? It was inexpressibly joyful to see the master of English cinema in the film adaptation of the classic
CHAPTER XI - Last Chance
From the obvious advantages: failed scenes with the dragon Smaug (you will hear the original voice acting Benedict Cumberbatch, in his incomparable tenor) - a conversation of Bilbo and the dragon, and further fighting dwarves squad with him. That was a really explosive action, to be honest! Yes, under the final it has always seemed impossibly lengthy, yet the scene inside the mountain turned out well. From annoying disadvantages: New Zealand landscapes in the 'wasteland' was much lower than in 'Journey' and throughout the 'Lord of the Rings'. During the scene of the battle with the orcs on the nature of the river there, but the action does not allow to fully enjoy it
Chapter XII - Shadow War
My verdict:. Although the sequel again largely gives gag, but he still could still hit its scale, skill, shooting, spectacular effects, and most importantly - the kindness of the plot and courageous characters, played by true professionals. I will take away the sequel to one point, as in 'An Unexpected Journey' - the lengthy - and escape to watch the third season of 'Sherlock'
9 of 10 !

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