"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

From "The Hobbit" by Jackson's little that is left. Still less than that of the "Lord." Actually, not even a film adaptation - and this fanfic on Tolkien, Middle Earth with on a string - Jackson film. How is it written in a local billboard: "This film is also divides a book into three parts, but, in contrast to the final part of" Harry Potter "and" Twilight ", this is not done for commercial reasons, but out of love directed to this world, reluctance to leave it. »So
impressions. Several abruptly, sorry.
From Keeley I figeyu course. Just do not understand, where it is a dwarf, in my opinion, the typical elf ... I understand, the new sex symbol of Middle-earth is found, then no options. Replaces Legolas and Aragorn in one person - him and bow in hand and arrows sword beats so that hurt my ... And as a consequence of his Face closeup of different angles in the film flashes every four minutes ...
remaining gnomes. .. like gnomes. Besides Thorin. Also looks kind of netipicheskaya. Neither your beard, nor plated nose or extreme hairstyles ... At least he does not sound like an elf. A very handsome man, like King. I liked that, compared with a book all deepened its role in the book, he did not seem to manifest themselves. And about the billboard said that too pleases.
Balin too old in my opinion. But this is debatable. I can not imagine this Granddaddy subsequently win Moria ... Although as a swordsman he's better than anyone showed himself. Even a total mesilovki catches the eye. Weapons dwarves in general-goal, but a slingshot Ori - is Achtung. And the tattoo on his bald head at Dvalin impression
do not know who I was more impressed of the "unexpected heroes." - deer Thranduil and his deer or driver-Radagast with their jet rabbits ... By the way, than Radagast treats the poor hedgehog ? What kind of blue crystal in combination with kveniyskoimi spells?
Arkenston disappointed. I imagined it much more beautiful. And this is what - some kind of a ball-shaped night light with neon sparks from a nearby souvenir shop
Elrond in armor impressive!. In general, it looks younger than in the VC and Gandalf - older. Interesting.
Scene Board at dawn unrealistically beautiful. Especially Galadriel, who walks with an authentic view on the terrace, allowing us to admire, how to develop her dress. Galadriel itself is unreal beautiful, and in the twilight, and illuminated by the sun, make-up, this time much more successful. Her dress more sexy than VC, highlights the figure.
little Saruman was sorry that there is crucified on the advice of something clever, and Galadriel, Gandalf with his blacklist, exchange words with the help of osanve, eyes each other build ... and in general, what kind of flirting between them, shaking hands, and so on., almost kissed behind the curtain. Saruman is also good, his phrase about Radagast, that fact should be smaller mushrooms to eat, so that the orcs are not imagined. Somehow politically incorrect with respect to a fellow Istari. And by the way, what is this mysterious "Treefolk", which he mentions the Ents, or what? Or wood elves, ha. And why Saruman believes that the squad of thirteen dwarves worse than Sauron? Although, maybe he's right ... very
Council theme - something there peremutili: Dol Guldur, angmarets, morgul blade ... Tombs some. Indistinctly and implausible. But not necessarily delve. Look at Galadriel.
Bilbo. Freeman I myself had never seen before and had heard about him and good and bad, and equally and blasphemies and enthusiasm ... So she was ready for anything, and now I think - and that was jerky at all. After all, this is Jackson! But with something other than, and with The Hobbit, he never would have missed, because he himself hobbit! Hobbits had always been and will be beyond praise ... I liked that he was so at Boyd similar in facial expressions and manners in general, well, typical of this Tuukka, well, sometimes lurks Baggins. Generally Bilbo more tukkovsky more Jacksonian than even Tolkien. Jackson generally little hobbits ... romanticized, or what? However, sometimes it goes too. So I have to accept that Bilbo himself ran for the dwarves, Gandalf had not even had a hole in the ass vypinyvat as in the book ... Well trolls teeth he spoke instead of Gandalf, it too can still tolerate. Well Varga he accidentally slaughtered, okay. But too little hobbit overshadow Thorin crowd of orcs - a bust
Speaking of orcs.. Azog gorgeous. Its storyline is very thought out and pertinent, this is exactly what was missing for intrigue. White Ork on the White Wolf - is generally a lucky find. And Varg much steeper and scarier than the VC, not pigs overgrown, but really a wolf, lean and evil ... Here
Sinegorsk goblins me somewhat strained ... In fact, as some say, it seems that this is some kind another race - not the orcs. In general, they are too some scary. Inflection too. I understand that Jackson remembered that he specialized in horror movies. What's the rating of 6+ - all 16! One Gollum, dismembering alive small orc is worth ... And all the scenes of battles too brutal, and the scene in Dol Guldur too terrible - the whole has turned gloomier previous films, it seems to me ...
Ah yes, the film adaptation of a touchstone my favorite scenes 'riddles in the dark' worked perfectly. This is purely psychological head exactly where you need to play and play perfectly! Reduced, of course, but in moderation, and riddles translated into Russian voice acting is my favorite, all class. Gollum was Jacksonian again, a schizophrenic with a split personality, but we have become accustomed to this and so love it. Scene spared Gollum Bilbo touched just like in the book. One of the key scenes of the entire epic in general.
Many of the twin scenes from VC. Wargs chase the rabbits - it's the pursuit of Arwen Nazgul, and even in the same field! Crumbling underground during the battle, chase bridge, we have already seen in Khazad-Duma. And the collapse in the mountains. Stone giants too zachotno. Not stingy on the special effects, however. And the scene of the battle does not seem tightened
The ending is predictable: the eyes opened - the movie was over.. Somehow too cliché, but oh God be with him ...
soundtrack as a whole amazing, although for the most part consists of the music of The Lord. But the theme song for the movie one of the best in the franchise, even better than in the VC-2 and 3, only in the first film, the topic has been more successful. And the final song no words - simply the best! spirit of the book conveys a deep and inspiring
final verdict -. the film leaves in the soul a mad desire to revise it again and again
10 of 10 .

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