"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"- Every good story is not a sin and a little spice" (a)
today do not even believe that when the large-scale film adaptation of the works of Professor John Ronald Tolkien Ruelle - looked grand adventure rather than a reliable investment. After a multi-volume saga written in the genre of fantasy tried to move on the screen before. Always either a failure or a creative failure. But one thing - to shoot based on genre classics modest television crafts and no claim on anything cartoons, another very thing - to invest a fortune in the huge, hulking blockbuster, which in the best tradition of "peplum" lasts three hours, reviving on the big screen invented by writer Middle-earth. But the difficulties of creating directly "Lord of the Rings" - I wrote at the time, a review of the first film of the trilogy. In the meantime, let's talk about the prequel to this, undoubtedly the great saga - the blockbuster "The Hobbit", which appeared on the screens of almost 10 years after its triumphant end. Or to be more precise, the first film of a new trilogy - 'An Unexpected Journey', which appeared on the eve of the Christmas holidays, revived the extinguished interest in both the original trilogy, again around the world reprinted the licensed video, and to the most novel by English writer
Almost immediately after the Oscar ceremony in 2004 th, at which the "Return of the King" - the third in a row and the last into the film "Lord of the Rings" series - received a record 11 statuettes in Hollywood sidelines was talk about filming the prequel to this ISTO ii. Benefit taken care of in advance by the author of the saga - novel "The Hobbit, or There and Back Again" was written even earlier trilogy about the One Ring. But director Peter Jackson's epic - suddenly became one of the most important filmmakers of the planet, then refused. After all, he had something to do then - he was preparing dream project - expensive and equally gramozdsky as his last picture - a remake of "King - Kong". Which then I had great, but alas - did not meet expectations. This project later attributed to Guillermo del Toro, and he was even ready to sit in the director's chair, since a long time out of work engaged in producing only one. But, in the end, "The Hobbit" was in the hands freed Peter Jackson, who after the weak performance of its commercial "film - a dream" and removed after the "Lovely Bones", desperately needed a hit. Of course, the news that the director of "The Lord of the Rings" returns to Middle-earth - only spurred degree waiting picture release. And Jackson again assembled his film crew, previously held under his command fire, water and copper pipes - again went to New Zealand, where he immersed himself in the familiar world, once born in the pages of the books of Professor Tolkien ...
And now, in the winter 2012 - th, on the eve of New Year celebrations held noisy hyped premiere of the first film, as it was announced trilogy (originally talked about Novels and original book successfully broken into half), after which even renamed their capital - Wellington Srediz ily, released a real gold coin with the image of the heroes of the film! And in the city come thousands of fans of the legendary literary and cinema - franchise ... The reaction of the audience and the critics, of course, has been positive. The picture has collected a huge box office - the largest in the entire series, than not only in times repulsed all costs subsequent films of the trilogy, but the director has returned to the cohort of influential Hollywood directors. After a lapse of four years, when the saga was finally finished and cooled off the hot audience's emotions with a touch of nostalgia - can be approached for the film Peter Jackson impartial
admit at once -. I'm not a fan of "The Lord of the Rings" or as a film, even more so as the book . This is a huge and overcast, pretty boring work, which is recommended for reading and watching meaningless. View all look for certain, sooner or later - as in any way and this is the cream of modern cinema entertainment. But to read a thick Talmud Sir Tolkien - whether will be unlikely. Personally, I read the first book, and after acquainted with their monumental adaptations. You can pay tribute to the director, he has skillfully adapted the teen fantasy novels of the mythological tales to the parameters of the heroic, historical - action adventure: a horde of monsters, the march of armies, royal plots and internecine clashes and strife. The text is not just alive on the screen and took very different shape, almost reversing the narrative language! This really is rarely seen, especially in the number of admissions audience - film adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings" in the approval of director's decisions, compared except that a unanimously recognized film -. Bestseller "Gone with the Wind»
same line Jackson oppression and in "The Hobbit" . He is not just a fairy tale exalts banal (and in style and content, "There and Back Again" - not the "Lord of the Rings" with his versatility and the truth of Tolstoy's epic), it is taken to do the opposite with respect to the old trilogy. If there is something he - where short as Tolkien, that this time he finishes the whole chapters of the narrative behind it! Thereby stretching the very simple plot, which was quite possible to show in a three-hour movie. Which in my opinion has gone belt would only benefit. Because without a break, as it did earlier in theaters steep historical "peplum" like "Cleopatra" or "Ben - Hur" - to sit in a chair 3:00 - quite napryazhno, especially in 3 - D glasses. Yes - it's all very nice, spectacular and so on - but hurt hard ... I wish Jackson acted like Mikhalkov with his "military" the sequel to "Burnt by the Sun" - was released in dilogy rental, and after having finished - would have presented "The Hobbit" in the form of mini - series on TV. I am sure such a massive project would tear apart any "Game of Thrones»
The plot of the first film tells about the acquaintance of a young hobbit - Bilbo Begins sybarite and magician - Traveler Gendelfa. Who draws his little friend on a dangerous and exciting adventure - make sure it went with a small force to the foot of the mythical dwarves Lonely Mountain. In which city is abandoned legendary Dwarfs - Eribor full of gold and ancient treasures. On the way brave heroes waiting for quite a few tests, including: bloodthirsty orcs, evil goblins and giant stone giants. And is expected to meet with friends for the "Lord of the Rings" characters ... Technical features paintings, as well as the development of a slightly modified, extended story - discuss in subsequent reviews. In the meantime, you can state a fact - 'An Unexpected Journey' came to be expected scale, charmingly beautiful and atmospheric. Peter Jackson has demonstrated that he has not lost his grip ... more

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