"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

« 6 Chapter As Long As 3:00 »
(given immediately coming November Extended Re-release )
X : - Enjoy! Y : - What do you mean? I just want a nice view? Or claim that viewing will certainly enjoyable - it does not matter what I think about it? Or mean that he now everything will be pleasant? X : - And then, and another, and the third
strange that Adam Brown - Ori - is not nominated for an Oscar in the category « . best lingering burp » . It was certainly a very necessary and important scene, the film would have without it, of course, much would be lost. I really hope that in the extended version of belching and orgy gnomes are even more lingering . Because, really, in the theatrical version, the scenes, alas - short. And the idea of ​​belching was not fully conveyed to the viewer. Same goes for rabbits. Hopefully, rabbits theme will be revealed more. This scene is much more important meeting of Gandalf and Thorin in the Prancing Pony in Bree (le) -Prigore, before the start of the adventure-travel - dropped the story dialogue, published as a supplement. Agree, the two old men discussing something by the fire, while the frisky rabbits add lively dynamics, really a plus. And Radagast with mushrooms - the theme is clearly fun
masterpiece music -. Hears special attention. Good God, well, of course, of course, needless to say , completely ' original ', and not a shadow of the former. Doubts? Any problems? Even the tears is rolled on the epic. From epic absence inspiration. London Philharmonic Orchestra is simply repeating, for the most part, that was playing previously, but it is certainly not to blame, it just executes. By the way, the LPO has recently played music written by Inon Tzur the game « The Lord of the Rings: War in the North » . So - completely original music, not carbon paper Howard Shore, and beautiful motifs it has. In the game there is even Radagast is not distorted 'use of mushrooms' and clumsy cap, or even something, and the book, more resembling the Wizard. And the game itself is more weighted to the canons, with a proper atmosphere. Do I liked the songs from the movie? - No. In the book, they fit very well with the characteristic Tolkien's romance. But as they show in the film, it is better not to see or hear at all. Much better-listen to the band's songs, which influenced world of Tolkien, such as: 'Arcenstone' Summoning group (and even she, in fact, consists of repeated samples' Far away, lonely mountain, dark head, torn cloud ', but how the music is not a repetition of itself), or greetings from the 70 -?' The Battle of Evermore 'or' Misty Mountain Hop 'group Led Zeppelin (they have them anymore) and many others. They are, indeed - epic and evoke a tear every time. It caused if I had music from the movie slightest tear? - No
same McKellen, Gandalf.? Yes, probably. Only where it gendalfovost? What is it manifested? The tenderness that (and the emission of a rings) as the dwarves are destroying stocks of Bilbo? More and participating in it. The 'napuskanii shadows' gnomes? But in the 'Brotherhood' it was really evident that the Wizard is best not to anger. Why when the magician meets Frodo - ' So talk all who happen to live in these times. But they have no right to solve it. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is allotted to us '- it so willingly believe? It also contains phrases of wisdom, but they are worth anything? Just quotes from the book. It is unlikely that this is the fault of Sir Ian, who can be respected as an actor and as a person is not ashamed and do not hide their homosexual. Although 'pictures' - this is the same Gray Wanderer - against the backdrop of the Shire, or in the autumn forest - done perfectly. But how does this apply to the film itself? Hello campaign. Thank you, though the subtitle is taken not from the ceiling, a reference to the recording Bilbo: «My diary. My unexpected journey » . Although, everything that comes to subtitles and advertising in general - all very nice, take at least a beautiful arts. But one thing - flawlessly 'decorate' printed matter, smoothing all the irregularities, but do the same thing in the picture -. A totally different concept
insert-receiving 'drama' deliberately turning a happy ending. - What for? If there is no drama, it is imperative to add? To pricked druzhnostyu company? Very nice, but somehow not touched. As a result, the network can find images zashkalivaet proximity Thorin and Bilbo, more than shown in the film. Perhaps lost a little weight, Peter Jackson and lost its former sparkle? Think lush, smiling good-natured, like a hobbit, gave us, though a bit gloomy, but a fairy tale. Do not want to be like Grim-Wormtongue with his poisonous tongue, but this film was so are expecting, and it is such experiences. I remember his contrition, when it became known that the Ron Porlman will play Thorin, and as a director - D. del Toro, and P. Jackson all-just as a producer. Now, I take back my doubts, and I regret that the vision del Toro is no longer true. The 'Hellboy II' he showed us elves and other creatures, and showed unforgettable, and they are not created on a computer .
course, very nice and 'aesthetically pleasing' to insert in a review of quotes from the songs' for the blue mountains ... 'in English., or the notorious' Return to Middle-earth '. But we should not confuse the impressions of romance books, transferring and projecting them to adapt. Yes, it is a mass product, however, as the original trilogy. However, it will remain in the heart, as for the film The Hobbit - while under a big question . Trilogy won 17 statuettes, 'baby' The Hobbit '' - as long as a single one. But they do not need it, and another thing - to inflate still enough to try to get them
Peter Jackson, how could you ..
PS And yes, run, snapping up all the editions, without exception (no status Out Of Print ), all all production . Take pre-orders, for Achievement bonus, buy figurines ( «little Freeman! How lovely!» ), dress shirts in the fan. Now that you've extolled the film - all Rakes Limited, Extended, Special, Regular and etc. publications, to decorate the shelves. Do not forget the soundtrack, artbook do not forget, do not forget about the book issued in the style of the film and lot more. Warner Bros. you will be very appreciated
( Needless-chic design trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings' -. nice to have in the collection, all these unnecessary frilly' bun 'and how beautiful In the case of!' Hobbit '- it's just a waste of natural resources, all kinds of mega-box-boxes, inside which no other than the beautiful Nothing, void < b>) [ or Heath - December is Coming ]

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