"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Two hours and forty-six minutes, but it takes so much new film Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", passed quickly. As, unfortunately, and the nine years that have passed since the premiere of the third and last part of his "Lord of the Rings", which became the best film of 2003 according to the Oscars. During this time, a lot of things happened in my life, but the fantasy world of Middle-earth, in fact, has not changed.
may be on the site of Jackson's colleague Guillermo del Toro, who lost in a "beautiful" moment of patience and left the project, we we could be expected from the "Hobbit" of something new. But history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, and his mouth as the mushrooms do not grow, and do not intend to. On the other hand - I Do not dream about it, millions of "Lord of the Rings" fans? The fact that history will repeat itself, with new-old hero, with the same scope, epic and immersion so attractive world of the literary genius of JRR Tolkien? Got? Sign here!
... Long before the darkness again stretched over Middle-earth, inconspicuous and wealthy hobbit Bilbo Baggins found himself in the midst of an epochal event. It all began with an innocent morning talking to passers-by, whom proved a powerful wizard Gandalf the Gray. After that, the cozy safehouse Bilbo, and, in fact, a hole dug in the ground of a green hill, descended on the crowd of gnomes. Wedding Crashers devastated all food for the evening, and then offered Baggins to participate in a very dangerous, but extremely lucrative event - exile dragon Smaug from the Lonely Mountain, once housed the kingdom of Erebor, Dwarves, and so far untold treasures stored
Homebody Bilbo. as befits intelligent hobbit coming of age, a little broken, but the genes and a sense of adventure prevailed over common sense. Our "hero" status attacker joins the party and sent to the campaign that will change him forever, and will be a momentous event in the history of Middle-earth. Among fighting dwarves and the hobbit our magician will meet with trolls, elves, goblins and orcs, to visit the most unusual, wonderful and sinister place, and come to grips with one of the last dragon. Not to mention the fact that it is Bilbo in the chain of strange coincidences and become the owner of the ring itself, with whom in the future be like to write with his bag, rush to his nephew Frodo ...
Stretch small children's fairy tale "The Hobbit, or There and back "in the epic saga - an impossible task even for the eminent director, Peter Jackson. Like it or not, all the eminent New Zealander fit into the framework established by them at the beginning of the zero-point adaptation of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings." No previous opus director, such as "braindead" or "Heavenly Creatures" or tape after "VC", such as "King Kong" or "Lovely bones", do not enjoy such a resounding success. In other words, "The Hobbit," Jackson wanted nothing less than Jackson
"The Hobbit." In the creation of "The Hobbit", the authors called the power of modern technology. During the time until about the rights to the book broke legal spears, and MGM studio ran into financial coma cinema made a couple of small steps forward. Therefore, the desire to create Jackson all the old-fashioned producers perceived a hostile reception.
Peter, wake up in the court of XXI century. After "Avatar" no one takes action in a flat format. But 3D is in itself - it is boring. With the help of baker's dozen of the most advanced cameras film has received a new look with a frequency of 48 frames per second - megarealistichny look at one of the most spectacular ever invented worlds. On first impressions the audience complained too "television" picture, with the result that the film is shown in cinemas in different copies, including the trimming usual.
But the dog with them with technical innovations. In the end, not at the Super Fine or three-dimensional image was a spectator in the movie, but for new emotions at the expense of the old, favorite characters. And knowing that nostalgic moment will play a significant role, the creators constantly quoted "VC" in the people, events and dialogues. And if Gandalf, Elrond, Gollum, Galadriel, and other creatures from the unknown life span simply had to appear in the frame on the plot of the book, the appearance on the screen, Frodo, old-Bilbo played by Ian Holm and Saruman is only due to the desire of authors as much as possible to link the current epic with the previous . Poor is a well-il decides every man for himself. Someone such an obvious move is abhorrent, and others, on the contrary, experiencing puppy joy of meeting with the heroes to the holes zasmotrennogo "VK».
What caused Jackson's decision to turn dilogy in the trilogy, is not for us to judge. Skeptics will say that all the fault of greed, and the fans will insist that the only way to fully immerse yourself in the "reality" created by Tolkien. And those and others are partially right, and evaluate the whole plan, we can only in the end of 2014, when the final part comes out, repeating the title of the story. In the meantime, we have to get used to long arguments, sudden bouts of singing and the monotony of the narrative of the first series. The good news is that from a visual point of view, "The Hobbit" is far superior to the original, although neither composer Howard Shore, no operator Andrew Lesney, and is seen and heard the naked bodies, their style is not changed. And the soundtrack, and the manner of filming completely replicate findings "VC", causing either an attack of nostalgia, or deja vu
course, Martin Freeman as Bilbo -. Choice arises by itself. The actor brilliantly suited to this role, however, the entire film he is more puzzled puffs or Snuffles, transforming only in an episode of the puzzle game with Gollum. Let's hope that his contribution to the saga will not be limited. Ian McKellen (Gandalf) significantly older, but still maintains its reputation. Team dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield nothing like the sarcastic and lovely Gimli, but tasteful. As usual, the authors failed Especially villains - the king of the goblins and orcs leader Azog and renovated Gollum will cause the viewer range of emotions -. Disgust emotion
to remember, "Fellowship of the Ring" also differed slowness and longueurs. Hopefully, with the "Hobbit" history repeats itself - the authors are in no hurry to lay out all the cards at once, leaving a sweet later. But already in the first film it is clear - the phrase "Repetition - the mother of learning" was invented for a reason. Lost the freshness of perception, but no interest in the subject. Fantasy by Peter Jackson's team - this is still the best that can erupt from itself present entertaining cinema. Neither high-tech "Avatar" with its primitive storyline, no oak in meaning and fulfillment "Transformers" can not combine the scale, drama and fabulous at the same time, forgive me, the fans of these movies.
9 out of 10

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