"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Especially pleasing that still, after many squabbles and debates, in 2010, the year Peter Jackson, taking care of Guillermo del Toro from the post of director, he took the chair of the chief steward of the film, because it is the people of this day is that of the embodiment of the creator, who knows and loves to shoot high-quality, big and memorable fantasy movie. Like his name association is due to unmatched film trilogy "Lord of the Rings", lost its savor theatrical screens from 2001 to 2003 year. Therefore it is not surprising that, as Jackson entered and with this project, again releasing the film in the year for three years: from 2012 to 2014th
And what can we say it is the first part of
.? first - the well-known thing here again Peter creates his product based on the books of one author, which can be designated by a variety of praising adjectives, however, so all his majesty in the field of fantasy literature and does not pass - JRR Tolkien. His legendarium - truly the greatest event in the genre. His world - an unusually-designed universe, which, according to him, is the history of our planet in ancient times, although in some interviews Tolkien agreed that imagination displayed parallel universe. So, if we take as a basis for this detail, it becomes clear how difficult it is to identify the movie through all the lands of Arda greatness: the earth itself in the stories of Tolkien. Therefore, Jackson did quite original and yet cleverly, for not having the rights to all works of John of Middle-earth began to create his universe as such. Namely movie universe, which put the beginning of the film adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings." The fact is that in those three paintings Peter display, not all scales, not all the characters; many interesting and important things in books such as those associated with Tom Bombadil, or Radagast have been overlooked and not shown in connection with the budget, with the timing and other things. Therefore, with an extraordinary love for the original and adapted screenplay, Jackson gave the audience a story told with lust and respect to the paper ancestors. Here we see the same thing, because the director is developing not only the world of Tolkien, animated on the screen, but also a world
. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" - a perfectly beautiful, colorful and epic film. Whereas the original creation of John's latest features include can be difficult. The book "The Hobbit, or There and Back Again" - is, first of all, an entertaining tale, created on the basis of the stories that the author narrated his children at night. And therefore especially warms the soul fan of the fact that Jackson has taken into account this feature throughout:., And the motives and actors, and in the manner of the narrative of the film adhering
Definitely a bit frivolous specifics Daily gnomes and elves pompous beingness, the creators completely sends the viewer to the original manuscript, along with extraordinary colors yes fullness noting that we are seeing is more a fairy tale, in which there is a place evil: very organically woven into the narrative passages with inspiring colors and "light" in the dark, depressive, was looking forward to something evil, something carrying the coldness of death yes. And what's more, this topic is covered before the spectator in the further parts of the film saga "The Hobbit." That is: the reasons laid down in the first film, is not overlooked, and is the starting point for developing a large-scale plot. Yes, the scale: the book itself was however small, however, the story is quite dazzled with considerable size. And the creators of this film, knowing this, afford to do that failed to do earlier when dealing with the "Lord of the Rings": adapting the screenplay Frances Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro (later left the project), we decided not to simply retell the whole story and, if otygryvayas creation for former Jackson add some story lines "on my own". While Peter himself, realizing the love of the public to its former trilogy, here in the film included some link that had no place in the book to be. It so happened that in "An Unexpected Journey" appeared Saruman (Christopher Lee), Frodo (Elijah Wood), Galadriel (Cate Blanchett), but from the image of "The Lord of the Rings" here migrated Radagast (Sylvester McCoy).
Poor Is this true? Is this lack of respect to the original? No and no again. For then and incomplete film trilogy the hobbit Frodo also be considered contempt: then Jackson created as he could and what he could, from 2010 he was already more developed that created earlier. That is, again, there should be understood that more than the creators hoped for moviegoers. Expanding their universe, created on the basis of the former works of Peter and other people. And is it possible to consider the development of successful
answer is yes
same time showing at random, and not the value of the dialogue of the world, at the same time demonstrating and through the contemplation of the beauty of nature but the scope of Middle-earth. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is a very Notably, an adventure story set in a world in which, despite all its fantasy component believe. In this world, I want to stay forever and never go more outside edges Shiira. Such is the charm, for me personally, in world cinema could boast, except that the only Hogwarts and it is not surprising, for it was inspired by the works of Tolkien writer Joan Rounling in the creation of his stories about Harry Potter.
However, the world of Arda, not only in books, but in cinematic display, much more and work. The entire movie trilogy, "The Hobbit" - a grand experiment set of studios, which were used for the first time were not previously used technology, where methods of 3D-rendering and modeling have been brought to the chapel its features. And significantly, since the only thing that can contribute to realize the unnaturalness in rare places - it is too bright colors, which still does not harm the film, because it fully reflects the dreamlike mood. And at the same time warns the audience about the other paintings, where the light will be darkened, and the darkness will come - it is as such symbolism by which the filmmakers interact with the audience, thanks to which it becomes undeniably clear that "An Unexpected Journey" - this is not the end of history, and only its beginning.
it is a good start, yavivshee of yourself is something that, at least approached the laurels of "Lord of the Rings" in the arena of fantasy cinema. Because this film should look: location you will be amazed, and the characters clearly remembered, forced to empathize with their adventures and hardships. Home, a cozy Bilbo Baggins - an unusually successful recreated by Martin Freeman - will be something akin to Frodo Elijah Wood. This film - the beginning of another sententious stories of friendship and love, confrontation and faith, heroism and sadness. Excellent development of cinematic universe of Middle-earth, which I would say is very long, but, unfortunately, does not allow volume allows you to ...
P.S. Composer Howard Shore on the field everything just perfect. Thanks for your attention.

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