The History & Structure Of The Safexpress Essay


Safexpress, founded in 1997, started as a small entity and gradually entrenched itself at a prominent position in supply chain & logistics industry. Safexpress provides services to a vast array of business verticals ranging from retail & apparel, automotive, engineering, electronics, electrical to telecom, IT, FMCG, healthcare & publishing industry. The annual turnover of the company is Rs 650 crore and plans to achieve a turnover of Rs 2500 crore by 2020.

Safexpress provides supply chain & logistic services to over 5000 corporate clients across 10 business verticals. The company has a fleet of over 3500 GPS-enabled vehicles and largest network of over 560 destinations in India, cutting-edge information technology systems and 48 hubs and mega hubs. Its services include 3PL, Reverse Logistics, Store Ready Deliveries, Virtual Cargo, Campus2Home, Stock2Shelf and Safextension.

Segmentation Variables

  1. Geography
  2. Safexpress is serving all over the nation covering major pin codes in the cities and villages. The services are given in mountains, villages and not bound in just metro cities. The services can be availed all seasons over the year, be it sunny or rainy. The major concern right now is how can they cater to large population that is still there, who can not avail their services due to geographical restrictions. Safexpress can use drones for such deliveries where trucks can’t enter. It is not feasible for now, but Safexpress is working on framework of such project.

  3. Demography
  4. The company provides services to anyone who can pay their bills. They provide Campus2Home, Easy2Move, Sainik Express and Safereturns to end consumers. There are different packages for enterprise users depending upon the amount of work needed.

  5. Behavioral
  6. The company should target those areas which has high returning customers. For example, they can provide their services to institutes and colleges where students need to return to their homes with bulk of things every year. They can make specialized pricing offers to attract such customers. Although, this service is already being implemented, the reach to such institutes is low. Also, the working customers in metro cities can be targeted who change their places very often. They are required to shift in short span and are attracted towards low prices.

  7. Socio-psychological
  8. Majority of the working professionals should be target for this category. The lifestyle of people is changing day by day. Interests and opinions are one thing that should be kept in mind while selecting a certain group of people. Organizations are the best target customers for this segment. They need to make transfers of documents and legal papers every now and then, and they can give huge business to reliable delivery companies.


The Indian logistics industry currently is made of inbound and outbound segments of the manufacturing and services supply chains. The current infrastructure has grown extensively with the boost from business houses as well as policy makers. Bottlenecks are created due to inadequate logistics infrastructure and management. There are a number of challenges that this sector faces. There exists a gap in this industry because of poor integration of transport network, information technologies, warehouses and distribution facilities. There is a difference in rules and regulations imposed by local, regional as well as national authorities. These rules vary from city to city, acting as a barrier to the creation of a well-established national network. This also causes hindrance to the proper monitoring of shipments while they are transferred from one location to other.

Customer Value

Lesser Delays due to Route deviation or taking wrong routesIt is an IOT based monitoring device to give real time updates about the shipments in transit and also ensures its safety. It has the ability to monitor shipments across market vehicles and get alerts whenever there is a route deviation occurring. It can also suggest multiple approved routes to take with ease. In case there is a shorter or better route available it will give a feedback about it and provide with the suitable alternatives to avoid delays. Thus it will help customer in saving both time and fuel for the vehicle.

Safer cargo transit owing to the ability to react instantlyThe products that are sensitive to temperature, force, jerks, etc., Roambee is a boon for them. It keeps a regular track of the temperature, force, etc. of the product being transferred, if they increase or decrease from the suitable value, it will provide a notification to the user immediately. Thus it will help customer by keeping the products safe from getting destroyed and help keep them in desired state.Customer will also have the real time update of the truck’s location and thus there will be lesser chances of being cheated by the driver. It often happens that drivers take a lot of stops on the way, Roambee will give regular insights which will help Safexpress in making sure drivers deliver the shipments on time.


PropositionSafexpress has been a little slow in adopting latest technological advancements when compared to its competitors. Roambee is one its kind IOT device that will definitely give Safexpress an edge over its competitors and also increase its market reach. The features like real time monitoring of temperature, force, jerks, etc. is crucial when it comes to Medical equipment and Pharmaceutical Industries. Thus roambee can help Safexpress increase its presence in this industry and safely deliver its shipments.Also, in other industries like Chemical industry where the safety maintenance of the products is very important, Roambee will ensure the safety and avoid mishappenings. Fod and Beverage industry that require cold storage trucks to deliver the products, Roambee can be beneficial as it will ensure its timely delivery and prevent the products from ruining due to increase in temperature. Thus Roambee is a perfect partnership for Safexpress to consider as it will not only solve its existing shipment problems but also increase its presence in the many other industries as well.

Service Offered

To stay competitive in the industry, firms need to put real time information systems and smart technology in the services. We are offering a monitoring service to end users. It will help the enterprises to make localized decision and easy operations. One such service is already implemented in international market, called Roambee. Through this, we can enable smarter enterprise powered by the IOT, to deliver real time visibility, business efficiency and risk mitigation.

It includes a cloud enabled wireless device with full range of sensors affixed to goods or assets that monitors and delivers a wide range of data and analytics working with any cloud platform and company infrastructure. These insights help B2B customers to make better decisions, increase ROI and get an edge over the competition.


It can be segmented as a B2B service with the current potential to grow. Safexpress is one of the largest logistics solution company in India with a growth of approximately, 6% in revenue every year. The segment can further be divided into Document and Non-Document Services. Document Services require a waybill for the commodity they ship and Non Document Service.


Safexpress catering as a B2B service targets categories like Lifestyle, Healthcare, Automotive, Engineering, Intuitional, Manufacturing, etc., having a growth expectancy to a sale of Rs. 2500 Crore by 2020. This can be considered to be one of the most growing sector in the B2B segment.


Safexpress positions itself as a Logistics provider to different segments like lifestyle, healthcare, automotive etc., but positioning itself for the automotive industry will provide it with extensive revenue and growth worldwide.

Pricing Strategy

The variations of a dynamic pricing structure are best for developing pricing strategies with the flexibility to meet the needs of individual customers and differing cost-based situations. In dynamic pricing strategy, prices frequently change. Prices depends upon the delivery area or location, the product to be delivered and increasing and decreasing demand. The most appropriate pricing strategy adopted by the businesses depending on the requirement will be among:· Revenue management· Yield management· Geographical pricing.


Being hailed as the Knowledge Leader in the field of supply chain & logistics, Safexpress constantly innovate to provide our customers with the best. With the view to stay ahead of the competition, Safexpress has differentiated itself with the following innovative services like fastest and time-definite delivery, use of most advanced IT tools, use of latest technology in logistics park. There is always a threat of participation of big competitor with advanced technology, unorganized transportation sector players and penetration of International and domestic players in the market, that is why Safexpress has to come up with new and advanced technologies to keep themselves differentiated in the market. There are so many local and international players present in transport and logistics business in India. Some of the close competitors of Safexpress which also provide the same services are:· Blue Dart· Gati· DTDC· EcomExpress· UrbanClap· goJavas.

Industry Analysis

The major players in Indian logistics includes Blue Dart Express Limited, FedEx transportation & supply chain India limited, Safexpress Private Limited and Gati Limited is top the chart with holding more than 45% market share of overall logistics industry. The Indian logistics industry employs more than 22 million people and estimated to be around US $160 bn currently. It can be stated that this sector has flourished well in past years as in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) India’s rank has went up from 54 in 2014 to 44 in 2018.


The company offers its services in the B2C sector as well as B2B sector. Thus, covering the entire logistics market from the individual end-user to the big corporates.

Easy2Move: ‘Easy2Move’ is an unparalleled door-to-door delivery solution offered by Safexpress. This service is customized for SMEs and individuals having smaller loads to be shipped anywhere in the country. These could be small business shipments, samples, promotional items or even personal goods and gifts for family and friends. The service is ideal for movement of products not having industrial packing. This service offers door to door delivery and pick up of goods of above 10kg in all sizes from and to any pin code all over India with over 623 destinations and 22110 Pin codes served.

Campus2Home: ‘Campus2Home’is a specialized service for graduating students, who are looking to move into the next phase of their lives, and require seamless logistics services to manage the movement of their baggage and material to their home or next destination. To assist students in packing their belongings, unlike other packers and movers, Safexpress provides unique 20 kg-capacity ‘Campus to Home’ Box free of cost. The service offers pickup from the student’s dorm room, and delivery at their homes with an option for payment upon booking or at the time of delivery and online tracking of their consignments.

SafeReturns: A unique service offered by Safexpress, specially to cater to the needs of those participating in exhibitions and expos. This service allows company delegates to make smooth and timely exits from the exhibition centers, by ensuring hassle-free returns of their products and demo pieces, after the exhibition is over. ‘Exhibition Returns’ provides pick-ups at desired times, i.e., when the event is over and provides door delivery to any place in India. A team of dedicated and experienced exhibition handling staff coordinates with the customer for all returns.

Sainik Express: Safexpress acknowledges the contribution of the Indian defense personnel by offering specialized baggage delivery services to them. The nature of the job is such that involves a lot of travel – individually or with family. And each time they travel, they have to carry their entire baggage along with them in trunks. We take care of delivering their personal belongings safely, conveniently and in a cost-effective manner while they take care of our nation’s safety. In B2BThe company provides its services to businesses in 9 verticals such as:1. Apparel & Lifestyle2. E-commerce3. Healthcare4. Hi-Tech5. Publishing to Automotive6. Engineering & Electrical Hardware7. FMCG8. Consumer Electronics9. Institutional.

Prospective customers

Safexpress is already targeting majority of customers in the country, but due to heavy competition in the market, the share of Safexpress is low. The company is still in growing stage and they can offer some lucrative packages to attract the customers to their side. They can position themselves as value for money company and try to reach to remote areas of the country. Majority of remote areas are still unexplored and they are the future prospective customers who can help them to capture a big chunk of market.


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