"The Guys! .." Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The name itself, as it were said that a picture is intended to outline each individual man. But even here there is a small nuance. If a man, in fact, - the person opposite sex woman, the man - it is basically the same, with the difference that he, in one embodiment, determining a way close to the farmer. But the whole family drama as time and takes place in the village. And the viewer from the first minute plunge headlong into family problems and character Pavel Zubov (Alexander Mikhailov) who seems to be as it should start to cause sympathy, because no matter how how melodrama genre requires, on the contrary is very negative emotions. One has only to hear the story of how he did in his youth, and that this was followed, then come to the conclusion that the planned drama and it is the most that neither is heavy.
Paul comes to his native village after receiving a letter from his father . The conversation at the table turns out many details. Among them are those who are forced to begin to see in Paul unscrupulous man, who not only do after the army went straight to another city, not really saying goodbye to my parents, so also is perhaps his daughter Pauline. This surprises do not end there, and a cocktail is just starting to get involved. It turns out that his wife is also not the timid and at the time managed to walk and work up another child from the artist. On top of that she had to adopt another, like a gypsy. During the feast, Paul heard from his father the truth and realizes that he was in an extremely difficult position. If more daughter, likely he is native, the son Pavlik is in doubt, since it is probably the result of the long relationship between the now-deceased wife Nastya and artist.
There is of course the language of spinning only one word, Nastya characterizes as a woman of easy virtue. And it's in the village, where it is assumed that they live good men of high morality. Although Paul is also good. Despite the fact that in the course of history, it appears in the form of strong character representative of the male population, however, openly admits that he is afraid of further consequences that can generate a large load of responsibility, he dares to take on their shoulders. And somehow hard to believe that this man due convicted of his wife's infidelity was once decided to drive past his home and go to the far north. And besides, although I had seen sent to him by friends writing, and not only from them, he did not read them seriously. But the village rumors diverge rapidly and perhaps all informed about how their wife walked more countryman living now God knows where.
interesting to see how Zubov rushes through the city, harassing yourself paperwork guardianship. It takes its conscience and it is difficult to realize the fact that his child is now being already at hand, can go to an orphanage. And at home, in Nikel, the hero has been waiting for a new wife, Tamara. And she, Paul proposes to take such circumstances and come to terms with them. But she is not to blame, and in the prevailing situation Tamara perceived as absolutely not guilty people. The situation is not simple, and who does not like the main character it can be solved, because his father, who has expressed a desire to become a guardian is not the right age for that matter. So who in this story is good and who is bad -. The audience will decide for himself for himself
only that, among other possible minor defects strongly evident, and it is not difficult to not start paying attention, so this is how often in the frame appears a bottle of vodka or tobacco products. And even the story Pauline on notice that it announced a father likes to drink. To which he more and shrugs, he says do not pay attention. And after more and try to justify that he has, the poor soul is ill and therefore, as a real man, he tries to find a way out in a glass of strong liquor.
8,3 out of 10

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