"The Guys! .." Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film is particularly good because it covers both once a large circle of vital issues: fathers and sons, disappointment and love, drunkenness and trezvomyslie, male friendship and female wisdom, commitment and spinelessness, the strength of long-term habits and break her courage. All this and much, much more vivid, colorful wreath weaved into a story that sweeps in a short time before the viewer's eyes and leaves a lasting impression. Difficult life issues are addressed in this history firmly and responsibly, but at the same time dramatically, impudently, backhand, - just as they are often hesitant to people of Russian mentality, Russian spirit. Therefore, the history, and the manner of its delivery, and the entire depth of its meaning is so in tune with the simple Russian soul that causes joy and pride, and smile, and tears ...
indefinitely can talk about various episodes of this film, because they are too poignant and too serious for a man with a living soul. I talk to a "live", because even children when viewing immediately responded to the event with a new coat torn: I wonder what would it say any American, as if he had acted in a similar situation? - would be likely to put the account ... And our people about it just laugh, because important people, and not the value put on his coat. But even a good laugh - and it's completely understandable Russian audience - not a stupid situation, not an absurd mind, not a sudden loss or something else, but just how desperate and cute responded to this incident the girl. Rough male character just could not resist against the childlike and exploded toward her conciliatory and life-giving laughter. Here it is, the breadth and simplicity of the Russian soul! And so -. In every episode of this film
truly shocking in "Peasants" more. For example, as categorical, but balanced the young Pauline once again in a short time made a decision about his future fate, which again would have to change dramatically (please train them back). This immediately saw women's homespun truth, centuries-old experience of coexistence with a bitter drunkenness, and because this little girl has already seen a real woman wise, future patient and faithful wife, a caring and attentive mother. And not only this, but it was - just a small bar in the portrait of a real person
In the middle of everything, of course, the main character and that a difficult situation into which he fell.. The personal courage and perseverance, the help of friends and the insistence of his father, he could do a difficult choice, to reject his cynicism and stoically accept the sudden blow of fate. In the eyes of the audience, he made a necessary and positive step, even though it was only the first step toward his personal Calvary. He only took upon himself the cross, not knowing exactly what awaits him in the misty future, but this step was taken with the firm intention to go to the end, despite all the difficulties. By the way, their bitterness, Paul began to eat here and now ( "it's not the heel came off") ... That is - the real courage. This is for the sake of what it cost to remove a great movie, and certainly -. Watch it again and again .. Conclusion
..Tak happened that recently started unhurried acquaintance with once and neposmotrennym "Twin Peaks" as it is known - a cult film. And so, in view wedged in the Soviet film, a good memory of which are stored in the subconscious even from childhood days when "Guys" just came out on the screen. Since the movie is good and time clearly came - looked "Man" with children .. .. "Twin Peaks" then seemed gloomy and depressed by shit (although in general a good movie for the genre, original and original). I would argue, they say, there is a completely different genre, it is like comparing a gas station with a car - which one is better? Still, since both refer to the cinema, the comparison is quite appropriate - one empty swamp slime, the second - a tremendous positive film.

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