"The Guys! .." Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

He laugh at you over the young generation!
You will not understand ever,
How can you live with one aspiration,
a thirst for faith and good ...
Marina Tsvetaeva
Father's house. In these words lies not only warm aura familiar walls, but also the idea of ​​the inexorable course of life. Running time does not stop anyone. Yesterday, the guy was Dembele, did not return home under the roof, and now he was a man, and behind him a considerable baggage. Communicating with a strict father, Paul could not represent himself in his place. What words he would have met the prodigal son? It is easy to succumb to the long-standing grievances and open roads kindness, forgiveness and understanding. Without these qualities, anyone - a bad parent. And it wants to be good, when in front of his eyes for the first time appear not so little daughter, two brothers-tomboy sides. Paul is waiting for a good future, and Pauline, Pavlik and Styopka - a bleak orphanage perspective. This mountain stands between a man and a child, but it is not impregnable, when a person finds the strength to act masculine.
adoption, guardianship, foster care. Only at the hearing - nothing special, but in fact - a heavy burden of responsibility, able to persuade him to land any. There is a big difference between Planned Parenthood and the unexpected gift of fate. Not only fear for the fate of the guys pushes Paul to the most important decision in his life, and the bitter realization that fifteen years, life went in the wrong direction. At first glance, it's all good. One-piece, interesting person with clear ideals and aspirations. High-paying job in the north, a separate apartment and beautiful bride. But it turned out years later in the native land, Paul realizes how much his existence is meaningless if there is no one to give fatherly warmth and parental affection. Now before his eyes three small creatures who drank a lot of dashing. Of course, he played the role of a simple self-pity, but to lend a hand - one. And keep it up as long as it is for someone to stay -.
quite another topic Heavy'd walked the same heavy, deep social film, but such a characterization is not related to "Man ..!". The film in its every frame radiates kindness. Solid actions are served in a gentle manner. Love, patience, and compassion, and only then all the rest. Saying to myself "yes" in response to the question "Does he need it?" Paul had already shifts the very mountain, draw in front of him in his native village. The desire, the will, the responsibility - to these qualities an experienced guy a friend of his youth, and because such a focus is given on the circumstances of the flight after the army. True inevitably opens before Paul, and all the pain, hurt and innuendo re-emerge before his eyes. Venter hysterically apologizes to his son for deceiving dictated by momentary impulse, which robbed her of the boy's years of happiness. It seems that there are things for which you do not forgive, but you never know, could then boy, who allegedly did not wait for the bride to be a good father? Now - can. And not just the father and father-educator
.. «Here it is - a real man" or "acted like a real man" What is really meant by that? And what should be invested? Not only the ability to stand up for himself with his fists, to protect the family from bullies and to respond to aggression. Iskra Babich gives his own interpretation of this phrase. Real man - one who is on the back to change the destiny for the better, who will not count the benefits, who would spend an extra minute on the child and try to save him from the frustration that he endured. Difficulties tempered person, but Pauline, Pavlik and Stepan already experienced. The real miracle that with such hardships guys have not lost the purity of the soul and in their hearts lives caring for each other and faithful dog. Wrong to think that only children should learn from their parents. The reverse process is not less useful, and not by chance in the frame appears the real Pavlik's father, drunken artist. Watching osolovevshimi eyes at her boy, muttering something about "in-the-of a chocolate bar," this man is a bitterly aware of how far he is from being an example of him. The film is imbued with the warmth so that there is even a clearly negative character is not plotting, and only asks to take care of the children so he can not himself.
Wonderful picture still leaves in the heart a grain of sadness. What genuine hospitality are friends of Paul to the adopted children! What a tremendous feeling that a person does not quit alone with difficulties, and help all they can. The state itself supports the noble cause, only to raise children properly. Try now to imagine something like this ... It is gratifying to know that you are not alone in this world that you have someone to give her love. The father's share is not easy. Children - sensitive people, and falsehood against them recognize instantly. But also their hearts will respond sensitively to the sincere care, kindness and attention. Over the years, these guys grow up real people, and it is the main award.
Dedicated Samvel with warmest wishes

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