"The Guys! .." Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I remember before, during my childhood, when what kind of - what film would say that he is very good and definitely worth a look, then said, "Well, this film, ... life!" "Guys!" - the film is very vital. For whom and for which we bear responsibility in this life? And to whom? And what is it in general - responsibility, duty, honor for this guy ... Here lived his Pavel Zubov with his wife Tamara, worked in the mine did not know in Siberia and concerns, until he suddenly received a letter from the parents that the death of his ex-fiancée, not wait for him from the army. It was after his mother's letters, written about the treason of the bride, and Paul decided not to return to his native village, and start over in a new place. And now his mother called him back. In order to solve one very important thing ...
turned out, Paul has a daughter, Polina, and she is already 14 years old. And yet Pauline has two brothers: native Pasha and foster dumb tsyganonok Stopka. And after the death of his mother Pauline except they do not have anyone. And the boys - no one but Pauline ... As the father Pavlik, a visiting artist, a creative person and a place to sit is not accustomed to. A childcare creativity greatly hindered. In addition, the artist was exposed to very common in Russia vice - drunkenness. Children waiting for the orphanage. And most of all - different orphanage
bizarre and mysterious system of state care for orphaned children.. Here neighbors and would like to take the kids, so it is impossible not relatives. Yes someone who is not a relative in the village! All my life side by side and at each other's eyes ... But what document you confirm this? No? Hence the rights of children do not have. Grandmother with grandfather? Yes, relatives ... But they are more than sixty. So, according to the law - you can not! By law, children will be better in the orphanage. The State is more visible.
Paul must see his eyes mother when she confesses to him his fault, his letter, broken so many lives! Dead, dull, glass on the fixed maske- face. They only pain and wine ... wine ... wine ... filled the whole of her life, to make this life impossible. Nobody bride did not change, her child - the daughter of Paul ... yes only son is now far away. And my husband, he has become a stranger, it lives near by force, in speaking words hissed through his teeth. It is a shame to him, strong rural peasants that his son believed the mother, the daughter threw. Though he did not know about it
And the eyes of the girl, fragile blonde Pauline -. Such childish eyes. And from there it take, to childhood, when it was over, even in fact and it began. Such wise, serious, bottomless - sad. This adult little girl, trying to explain to his father, who is calling just by my name, that she could not leave the brothers and go with him. Because that's - you can not! And leaves, closing the door before his father, leaving him on the porch. Well, let it knocks, calls her, saying that the conversation is not over ... For her - over. And if a big grown man does not realize that she is responsible for the fate of the little brothers, who in addition to her no one that they - and the family can not live without each other, something that he can explain a little big girl
Love debt? devotion, affection ... how to cope with a lump in the throat, when you see how the cow sold rests, in any did not want to go away from the home yard. And as the sobbing children crying, seeing that they take away the cow, the cow their home. A scene with a dog Rex, running behind the car with the children a few kilometers? And I realized that because he did not catch up, Rex just ran straight across the fields and sat down in front of the car, carrying all the station. After all, they own for Rex, the most native. And it is - for them. How often Stopka was trying to get into his kennel, and together they ate a piece of bread brought by them, by sharing - brothers. How could it not flinch heart strong conductors when the same Rex, realizing that he would not want to put in the car, and thus separated from their children, crawled over to her and pressed his muzzle to her feet. How can the sight of all this, not waver at the heart of the viewer, as the tears can not become wrapped around the eyes - I do not understand
Likewise, can not remain indifferent to the scene and a chance meeting in a train station with a former artist, dipping and drunken father Pavlusha. at first did not recognize him even, and then promised to buy "this is such a big piece of chocolate." Oh, those chocolates - a universal substitute for parental love and parenthood! And the attempt to buy her love child .... And his eyes again. Now - miserable, guilty. How are beaten dog. Anatoly Solonitsyn eyes, drunken and played descended Pavlusha father. And like the beaten dog, he runs over the wagon forever uvozyaschih his son, and asks Pavel Zubov, "raised him a good man. ! Real man »
there are in the movie and more types of the real man - a friend of Paul. Let the wife went to her mother, not even waiting for Paul's return. Friends - this is probably the best thing that gives us life as a gift. Or is it what we choose? With friends, you can bring up a bunch of kids, not just three. Two of them - the orphanage itself. As one of them said, "No, I'm certainly not complaining, but such a fate I would not wish anyone." This is certainly true of the boys bring up men. And all the guys in your life will be good. Especially that Stopka, after they all loved Rex recaptured from the yard dogs who attacked a stranger, said his first word - Guys
By the way, for his role in this film Stepan, Michael Cretu Buzylov-5 years of age! . he was awarded the state Prize
I wonder why movies like "Guys" or "! Guys" is virtually impossible to see on TV or buy on DVD, but the film "bastards" - quickly and easily! Who in the end, we would like to grow out of our children, of boys - men, or the bastards? Well, if even just for a name to navigate.

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