"The Green Book (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At the end of 2018 on the screens of the world was inevitable, the Oscar-winning film American film director Peter Farrelly 'Green Paper', which tells the story of autotravel Frank Vallelongi, usually working as a bouncer in a bar, as a driver, Don Shirley, a black pianist in the framework of the musical tour last for a number of American cities and, as a result, personal transformation racist and homophobic, what Frank aka Tony Chatterbox * 1 if he was to travel to the good-natured big man, to the final stories aware of the detrimental elyubvi to blacks and equality of gay sex as compared to opposite-sex sex on the satisfaction of the male sex drive.
It is interesting to trace the development of creative motives directed by the example of a comparative analysis of some aspects of the film when they are compared with similar patterns of his first full-length work of 'Dumb and dumber ', taking into account a number of similarities between the two films (the script used both films genre' Road movie 'as story structure and make a noticeable emphasis on hamburger x, in both the characters in the film have a landmark meeting with the representatives of sexual minorities) and try to get closer to see whether the 'Green Book' a worthy example of the creative director of growth.
Authors latest film offering to believe their word, that the picture is based on the real events, while young Peter and his brother Bobby just filmed hilarious road trip without trying to convince us of the reliability of what is happening (at the expression 'Based on a true story' good laugh the other two brothers, Joel and Ethan Cohen in 'Fargo' film). It looks, however, so that some rather important facts presented to the film is not entirely correct and, sometimes, a few odnostoronne.Osnovnymi claims to the film by Don Shirley family is now known, are:
- The film asserts that a black musician was estranged from his family, he had no friends, and he led a secluded life. The site Shadow and Act, dedicated to film, TV and Internet content in Africa and its global diaspora provides data to refute such allegations
from relatives' Crass and Dumber 'no claims
1:.. 0 in favor of' Dumb and dumber '.
film' The Green book 'is devoted mainly to the hero Viggo Mortensen, his personal transformation under the influence of life circumstances, chief among which was his communion with our pianist. Mortensen hero all the way at the wheel of the car, and the hero Ali sits in the back seat - I wonder with whom the viewer will associate yourself? The 'Dumb and Dumber' two heroes were sitting in front
2:.. 0 in favor of 'Dumb and Dumber'
- son Frank Vallelongi Nick as co-writer for the film asserts that his father maintained with Don relationships for many years until the end of the last life. Shirley's family denies it. Also other musicians oppose the authenticity of the statement. Heroes 'Dumb and Dumber' is definitely maintained relations for 20 years, according to the 'Dumb and Dumber 2'
3:.. 0 in favor of 'Dumb and Dumber'
The 'Green Book' said, that Don Shirley studied in Leningrad, but it probably is not really so - the origin of this myth is explained in another article on the same site (Shadow and Act)
Further, considering the theme, general, opinion is delayed for two films. on this bright image of American pop culture as a hamburger that is present in both films that almost as a character. And if during the period of early works director heroes commit c appetizing subject of a variety of inventive and break stereotypes action: once a hamburger spit and once planted it hot pepper, the last film of the hero and his black companion in the back seat burgers car just eat in large numbers
4:.. 0 in favor of 'Dumb and dumber'
As expected in all Hollywood films in our movie goers are reminded of the existence of the LGBT community, but at the time when the hero of Jim Carrey from 'Dumb and Dumber 'I read a funny ad about sex dating in a public toilet and was there at the time caught' vicious pederast ', in the' Green Book 'black musician he is a man of shameless joy, and white - probably because the Negroes had does not stack)), and that the boy probably wanted to talk with the Negro, as once the writer E. Limonov, New York * 2 ...
5: 0 in favor of 'Dumb and dumber' to summarize this brief review of the two P.Farelli films, one shot him in the early days of his work and other recent period strap, it can be stated clear conformist bias in the limitation of the creative scope of the director and in the behavior of the characters in the latest film in comparison with the full fantasy plot moves script and reckless enthusiasm heroes of his first picture (even taking into account the fact that Frank of 'Green Book' sonorous He defended the racial integrity of a single black man in front of his family and his example all the blacks of America * 3 - when he did ?, - if we are to answer the question 'in 1962', it must be admitted that in fact it is '1962' has the appearance of Viggo Mortensen as Frank Vallelongi a chronological label '1962', but in reality these replica taped in 2018 (or slightly before) studio 'Drimvorks Pictures', what other Vallelonga his comrades and wrote the script, which, thus, non-conformity of the sample of 1962 looks like a pure conformism in 2018 - now they try to do something against the mainstream ...)
and if in 'Dumb and dumber' mandatory. for Hollywood production Christian connotations sometimes appear only in the form of a bore Kolka become familiar, 'Jesus' and 'Jesus Christ', in the 'Green Book', this scenario duty becomes creative shade: remember the cracked face of the baby Jesus in the sham props in the closet which identified 'the doctor' Shirley as a make-up dressing room before a failed concert, and the concert was to be held in some racist institution it on Christmas eve.
Peter, 'where are your wings that I liked?' * 4 * 1
costs illiterate Russification. In fact, the nickname Frank Tony Lip nothing to do with the talker does not. 'The Lip' translates to English as 'lip' and colloquially also as 'insolence, insolence'. Thus, the hero in Russian would be called rather Saucy Tony or Tony Nahal, well, or, there, Tony insolent, but not Tony Chatterbox
* 2. "It's - I'm Eddie '
* 3 On African blacks, which is greater than the US and that, in general, live economically and socially in much worse conditions than their American counterparts, here remember once, as 'Green book' - a guide for blacks it is in America, and the name our guy just like an Englishman of some, Donald Uollbridzh Shirley.
* 4 © I.Kormiltsev

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