"The Green Book (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I will not pull the affair, and so I must say that I am in the unthinkable kinomanskom delighted with the viewing of the film. 'Green Paper' - it's even more than just a movie. This is a visual and auditory culture encyclopedia 60s in the United States. It is important to every detail, every sound, every word, even the most insignificant, the character. It's been said a proper level viewer immersion in what is happening. Then, with what scrupulousness the author of this product came to the script and the characters exploring the environment, is really amazing. What can I say, if there every state is different from the preceding and following the mentality of people and some inherent attributes of everyday life. But most importantly, that the 'Encyclopedia' is still a good idea so much fun and draws happening. In general, the 'Green Book' - is nothing but as a real masterpiece, a brilliant, dominating the modern film industry. Most interesting is that this film is suitable for everyone. It is not something beyond the intellectual and contrived. All the food for the mind, a national hot as in the 'Green Book', will be clear to anyone wandered in for a session. In theory, this should already be enough to ensure that you have phoned all his closest and bought a number in the cinema. I boldly declare that the 'Green Paper', of course, in my opinion, this is a movie for all time and the best comedy movie of last year (released in the US took place much earlier), and in general over the past five years. I am very disappointed in the esteemed Academy, if the 'Green Book' does not win the main prize. Well, now move on to slightly more detailed review of this remarkable work
Generally, this tape -. It is quite unusual for an Oscar nominee, and especially in the main category. In fact, the 'Green Book' - a good comedy and stunning biopic, tells about the friendship of two real people from different strata of the population and with different views of the world. I note that this is a comedy, not a tragicomedy, as it was in the same 'three billboards on the border Ebbing, Missouri', or something to its elements. Humor here is different. Sometimes he is a high irony of stereotypes and prejudices, and sometimes just laugh prickly frazochkami in the dialogues of the characters. Either way, with its original task of painting copes best. Why do I start with this? Because for many ordinary people the phrase 'oskorovskoe Kintz' means dull and boring two-hour tyagomotinu with the highest sense, drive him to modern social issues. 'Green Book', as for me, it is much more exciting and interesting than any superhero blockbuster with dynamic fights and chases, from which the head is going round. Is not this the Quality Score? Director Peter Farrelly managed to shoot a live cinema as for ordinary spectators and press. Do not think that there will be only a comedy component. In the picture a lot of drama, the so-called 'strong' points which can penetrate even some have looked at the tear. And this balance between jokes and strong scene here is very well respected
most in the film draw two things: a. The atmosphere, coupled with the environment and, of course, the characters, coupled with a stunning actor's performance on both aspects I would like to elaborate. As mentioned in my prologue, 'Green Book' - is incredibly rich in detail and nuance 'encyclopedia' of everyday life and culture of the early 1960s in America. In this case, the film delicately avoids the subject policy, despite the Berlin and Cuban missile crisis, which ended recently, for the characters. But in the film reflected on various ideological confrontation 'North' and 'South' USA. The difference with respect to the black population of America, all is not finished. I would not want to disclose all the details that you looked even more interesting. But I can discuss the main characters. Tony Vallelonga (yes, the name of the complex) - this is an ordinary family man, and then moonlighting on different schlock such as driving a garbage truck and a bouncer at the club. Tony is a lover of talk, even if the people around him do not like it, for which he nicknamed him 'talkers'. It is not without cunning and ingenuity that would help him later. Despite the ability to speak man to death, Chatterbox still used to solve the problems it faces, only by force or money. When a well-known jazz pianist Dr. Don Shirley instructs its agents to find someone for the position of the driver, it is recommended several times just after Tony. Don Shirley - it's a great character, with its own ideology and world-view, which is very different from both the black and the white aristocrats. Between these two there is eventually a strong friendship, reinforced by bold selfless deeds. In many ways, the images failed because of the charisma acting. Viggo Mortensen in the role of Tony is incredibly good. Better than him, probably only Mahershala Ali, who I was very impressed with his play in strong points.
Why I am a fan of the film in a nomination for 'Best Screenplay'? If you look in general, the 'Green Book' - a colorful road movie in which the heroes of the stick in the wheel is inserted admirers prejudice. But this is only at first glance. In fact, the tape is much deeper than it seems. Each obstacle lying in the way of the characters is reflected in the further behavior of the characters, and the characters change their views of the world. Any obstruction in this film - it is a small mini-history, which is reflected in the overall story of the picture. In general, the script 'Green Book' is perfect!
What and how trying to introduce this picture in our heads? As you have probably realized from the above, the main motive of the Life of the picture is the destruction of prejudices and stereotypes, the fight against racism and other manifestations of xenophobia, as well as the importance of friendship even between not like people. It makes it all the picture hard, but fairly unobtrusive (ie, there is no constant repetition of morality out of the mouth of the protagonist). That's how it is necessary to raise the topic of racism and deal with it, because in the southern states are still frequent cases of attacks and discrimination against blacks. Due to this the correct approach to the imposition of morality of this fable, 'The Green Book' does not look like 'Black Pantera'i other movies of this type, where just ponakidany formulaic utterances. So I can not say 'Green Book' so called 'bait' or 'bait' for the Academy.
summarize, 'Green Book' like 'cow bell ringing Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony'. That is good? Flawlessly, the viewer. Who has not yet realized the new picture Farrelly - is a real masterpiece, skip that, for any cinephile and the average viewer who thinks watching movies a hobby, would be a real crime
10 of 10.

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