"The Green Book (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One of the features of the genre road movie (road movie translated to English) is the principle of re-trip participants. Of course, it is present in a dozen features, but it changes the motive heroes was the most effective. This confirms the popularity, for example, 'Rain Man' or 'Scent of a Woman' is greater than the head fell into the audience, rather than the same ancestral 'Easy Rider' pro bikers and radical changes in society. But the 'Green Book' directed by Peter Farrelly, who with his brother Robert managed to make quite a double reputation in Hollywood thanks to a successful and extremely failure work, has managed to combine not only the main characteristics of the film on the road, so more and adjust them to modern sharp subjects, aimed at the suppression of black race. Directed companions could not easy to bring a picture of where indicated the actual existence of the problem, not the pseudo-made to attract the public. They managed to solve the problem without unnecessary additives art - thanks to the 'Green Book', any intelligent person will understand different status, why intolerance -. It is unworthy and unclean phenomenon
nonrandomness was chosen specifically on the road movie. The road is an essential tool in the history of classical pianist Don Shirley and his driver, an ethnic Italian Tony Vallelonga nicknamed 'Tony Chatters' on several fronts. Thanks to it, the characters do not stagnate from scratch and not simply dangle from state to state for a living. Farrelly is pushed not only the two people with different skin color, and a plurality of multi-polar phenomena - two nations, two cultures, two education, two characters. And all of these and other aspects are disclosed in full on the background of the events of the 1960s, which were full of events for American textbooks. These two like to re-educate each other, being in the way, eradicating domestic and seemingly inherited manners and disadvantages. In the beginning we see a club bouncer Tony, uncouth and uncultured. Thanks to Don, whose hero Viggo Mortensen kindly called dock talker changes, becomes friendly and clean, although it looked a healthy child. His beloved wife Dolores romantic letter with sincerity receives from her husband and her life now does not seem typical of family bondage. And the hero remains true to the principles and concepts of honor, said the father has not started covenants that only emphasizes its local greatness.
absolutely also applies correction Don. Not having seen the typical everyday life, he is experiencing difficulties as a strong dramatic scene with field workers, blacks, staring at the elegantly-clad hero with pain and envy. Strong bundle with native ethnic group is striking. Don Tony permeated through fast food and rock 'n' roll, so to speak, ordinary life, regardless of color, man. And at the same time an intellectual transformation hypochondriac with a capital letter in his passes the problem of racism. And the image of the road plays a vital role, as pianist tailored tour from north to south, that is straight to the racist states, where black looks like a wild animal. Here unfolds a complete drama, which believe it or not, but it can not be denied. Beatings, vile attitude of the police, cynical orders - all around Don says that he is a stranger to the local population. But why? Earlier, during the film, it was impossible to see the cause disadvantages in this man. On the contrary, it is much better educated and civilized than those of whites in Georgia or Alabama, who insulted him. And this conclusion comes not because of arrogance apparent at first. Mahershala Ali does not overplay it just kept personalities who skilfully brought up from childhood, he coached at the Leningrad Conservatory and whom Igor Stravinsky himself exalted to God. Shirley problem similar to the problem of millions - he is afraid. Afraid of censure, afraid to be simple black. However, he has done nothing wrong. Tears his incomprehension at the time of the quarrel with Tony sincere, like everything that happens in the film.
valuable and represented the fact of friendship, Tony and Don Shirley. Chatterbox was not neutral blacks and even showed grouchiness, but was heartily nearly become related with the boss. The director seems to have sought to show an allegory in which the simple folk man black man for a friend, but not for acrobat. And in this hidden all due regard to the minority, it represents a necessary, yet unfinished transition to a society of tolerance. Important role is played here and the cultural component of the tape, filled with the atmosphere of the 1960s. Cadillacs, emerging KFC, Little Richard and Aretha Franklin on the radio ... to create a complete stupor from the outside world, the creators clearly have tried to move a whole epoch in our days. But the point is that illustrates the use of white goods colored race, mainly music. All of America admired. But writing music are not slaves, and are the same as all the people. Then why do some honor everywhere, and belittle others? The 'Green Book' racism contradicts himself, why looks empty, meaningless and degrading racist if they have any at all. Even more film mocks white when there is a question about their ignorance. For example, cranberry Russian Oleg Malakhov - the musician of the trio - Tony seriously considers a German fascist, even for immigrants from the Soviet Union offensive. However, the most out of this fight happen, while blacks can easily kill. For the color of the skin. It is amazing.
film Peter Farrelly reveals a surprisingly simple but incredibly important problems of society, who spoke long ago all cinema, but not experienced until now. The authors of the 'Green Book' do not follow the typical display of the declared minorities, and meticulously picked his problems. The viewer sees itself especially unfamiliar culture and education, rather than a simple black guy sees accurate time history, great actors and a good comedy - all factors led to believe in the film and its content, and not in a wrapper. After these paintings called minority any race disgusting. And though the 'Green Book' came at the right moment, she pulls away from a number of devastated and senseless set of works such as broadcasters tolerance. It can be called a revolutionary and most important right now, because this movie really makes the story. Interesting fact: the previously mentioned 'Easy Rider' was released in 1969 and became one of the symbols of the abolition of the Hays Code - special rules in Hollywood studio, which was filmed a movie. This film - a road movie and it has changed the history of art once and for all (along with many others of course). 'Green Book' - the same movie on the road. Maybe all his discoveries to come, but his Oscar for the best film he deserves now, being head and shoulders above almost all other jobs in the category.
9,5 out of 10

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