"The Green Book (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Perhaps the secret of ' The Green Book ' lies in its clear availability. Sincere simplicity, which is obviously why racism - something totally disgusting, there is no way it should not. There should be no division in the toilets and restaurants. There should be no disrespect for individual rights and attacks because of their skin color. And the more there should be no green books. However, in the 60th years of this kind of thinking it was normal. Especially for people of the American South, where since the Civil War, even after 1865 absurd importance of segregation remained firmly entrenched in the minds. At that time you can decide to take a trip to the black in those regions? It seems true madness. But here's the thing: for the changes needed one step or one trip to start. For the sake of the step and sent to the south black pianist Don Shirley, taking to his family man drivers Tony-talker, to get a little to protect their way forward.
the backseat blue car sits hero Mahershaly Ali - amazingly talented pianist. The man gives birth to music that can touch the heart of even the most negatively-minded ignoramuses-Italian. Educated and well-spoken Dr. Don Shirley knows how to maintain dignity in every situation, because otherwise it will not be anything better than those who try to deprive him of this dignity. But, despite all the rich atmosphere and ostentatious removal of Don in the shower - very lonely and lost people. And so he is aware of himself not only in the spacious and empty apartment with a throne of ivory, but on the stage, playing in front of the Upper Light. He knows that as soon as the piano lid is lowered, it is necessary to leave the stage to thunderous applause, to once again become the usual black, which will continue to disparage. Which is not permissible to go to have a drink in the bar, or even buy a new favorite costume. There is some reason do not have rights, but by others, he is no different, except for one detail. No talent and erudition, no manner of speech and style will not help to overcome prejudices in the minds of those who for some reason thinks that skin color requires to be lower. Of course, to overcome prejudices in the minds of many will fail, but to help one Italian fan of hot dogs to recognize the fallacy of the existing principles and rules - completely. And this small change will help to Shirley and finally try to find their place in life, do not hesitate to be themselves, and realize the importance of a friendly shoulder in the most difficult moments the sounds of a jazz orchestra with a snow-white smile.
On the other hand, for driving a car, sitting the very Italian, nicknamed Tony-talker with nevygovarivaemoy name. Living in the same environment prevailing prejudices, and he himself belongs to color with no strong benevolence. But now he needs to keep a family, because Tony agrees to work with Dr. Shirley, despite the recent color, and sent to the south. There, to my surprise, Tony is faced with the knowledge of how everything around that before not to touch it, it arranged properly, just waking from sleep by the sounds of melodic piano. Time after time, watching the injustice he had to bail out the boss of the rough and tumble, in which it, in favor of loneliness, easily addictive. Time after time, when faced with inhumanity, Tony permeated the position of his employer, recognizing the heavy burden that he carries. But, more importantly, Tony, becoming all the more eloquent, more and more aware how important it is for Shirley his journey deep prejudices. How important it is to preserve the dignity, even when it's hard to do. After all, to change the world one talent is very difficult, there needs courage. And, even more important, friendship and understanding
Because this trip is important for each of the characters: for chatterbox she opens her eyes and change the world, but for Don - helps first to understand yourself, not trying to be on the border of two worlds. divided by skin color. According to the laws of the classic road movie unlike the characters understand each other and become closer, thus helping to overcome the inner experiences and learning important human truths. ' The Green Book ' trying not to be higher, rather the contrary: it keeps the viewer as close as possible. Easy and fun humor emphasizes the awfulness of what is happening around, and mental attitude, even though the heavy dramatic moments, does not allow to lose hope for a better outcome and change. Let not change for the world, to whom far, but changes for specific protagonists, which is not very difficult to empathize. That duo Mortensen and Ali helps ' Green Book ' bloom brighter and win the soul of all the stronger. Amazing Ali , passing from arrogant pride to the charming sincere smile wins a glance, showing uyazvlonnost and compassion, giving, perhaps, the most vivid palette of emotions that this trip of his hero I had to endure. Almost as can be said about unrecognizable Mortensen , which attracts attention, even though, in some moments of Maherashale manages to outshine his. Diverse Viggo will be able to exactly position the viewer to imagine, then without a doubt. Actors together to create an amazing duo, which serves mainly and fastening part of the whole picture. In fact, ' Green Book ' - the story straight and simple, but write it down in the cons will manifest bad manners, because Farrelly this very ease of narration, thanks to the interesting characters with their friendly conflict, turns true and humanistic message, lets feel the film is much easier and closer to bring everything at the end of the true Christmas parable where friendship and family are above all prejudices, good will be rewarded in the same good and evil place for a great dinner table simply will not find.
nesomneno permanently somewhere racism will remain and will flourish at that time and now. Those same changes - a complicated thing, especially in a world full of individuals who are afraid to take the first step. But stories like ' Green Book ', would not allow to think that it will be forever, but those same changes will be possible. On the one hand, it is very difficult to see now that the world that exists along this the green bukletik personifying disgusting orders, but on the other hand - glad that those days were, at most, behind. History Farrelly - the important thing is reminiscent of simple humanity. ' Green Book ' does not have to try to give something of such things, her lack of cordiality and understanding, so that even the most skeptical viewer touched and smiled in spite of all the evil around. Such stories are needed and these stories are important, especially if they played incredibly talented actors and the most faithful and sonorous notes that, believe me, touched the heart of not only the Italian one with an unpronounceable name.

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