"The Green Book (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Our whole life is like a road full of bumpy mountain passes, vast valleys and desperate attempts to get on time to your own celebration of life. This is the way determines the relation of man to the world and the others, changes it, and tempers are facing difficulties, subservient only to his strength of character. This path presents the opportunity to become better and, at the same time, everyone takes forever unfulfilled to this moment. And that is not a "road movie" - a genre, speaks for itself, could unlock the full promise of the complexity and vseobomnosti existential beginning individualist consciousness in society, collective intelligence and prejudices. Apparently, Peter Farrelly, American film director and screenwriter, who is a true master of comedy, in collaboration with his brother, has released such films as "Dumb and Dumber" and "Me, Myself and Irene," reasoned the same way, having decided to take for the implementation of one of the most amazing stories of true friendship, in times of little inviting to her appearance, if friends suddenly one color
«green book." - comedic biographical drama director, by the way, this time acting without his brother, as well as screenwriter. The film deservedly been awarded the prize "Golden Globe" in the category "Best Musical or Comedy", "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actor", nominated for "Oscar" and listed as a top ten best films of 2018 according to the American Film Institute (AFI).
The film tells about the difficult times for the American society of sunset racial inequality. When the white-skinned blacks were perceived part of the American population 60s already, directly, not as slaves, but still not as full-fledged members of society. When many, especially the southern states, people with different skin color could not go to a restroom or be in the same room of the restaurant for dinner, even if they are members of the same social class. It was at this time, Tony-talker - a club bouncer Italian-American descent, is hired to work as a driver in the black jazz pianist Don Shirley, think to organize a concert tour of the provincial south of the United States. The film's title refers to a special guide designed for all black people, travel around the country gathered at the time in which the sites were listed, where they would have been happy to leave for the night, called "Green Book».
example of this tape is a unique combination of comedy and drama started in the cinema. The sophisticated approach to building internal comedy due to extremes, professional attitude to the organization situational object of humor, working on the principle of Chekhov's "micro-guns", ie after prior justification of the situation and the subsequent arising out of this situation comedy moment in the equal right It takes place to stand in a row, with the tormented soul of episodes disclosure dramatic arch characters, give them a sense of significance and complement them. However, the main factor by which it becomes possible comprehensive implementation of comedy and dramatic communication in the film - is the protagonists of history and the unique chemistry that occurs between their characters. Such dissimilar, and are, in fact, close, they complement each other in that equally in which from each other and different. This contributes to the fact that in the course of events, the viewer not only becomes a witness to the birth and strengthening their friendship, but he starts to feel belonging to this act of boundless human compassion and understanding.
Of course, this result is a consequence of the boundless talent of actor Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. How they interact with each other, it seems to define the original meaning of the existence of this tape. But much more important, it is not even the way they interact, and what this interaction leads. After all, the true experience and the feeling of joy for the heroes of the film is truly alive and making history something that could leave a nice mark in the soul of each of us.
addition to acting perfect game, the idea that a complete picture, make it so deep, as it is easy to understand. The film is about loneliness and true friendship, about the importance of family and loved ones in your life, that sometimes even the most seemingly, private person, need someone who can understand and lend a helping hand. This is a truly humane movie, which reveals much more effective, such an important, particularly for modern America, the topic of racial discrimination than as indispensable, judging by the number of nominations for "Oscar" - "Black Panther". Or rather, not even disclose, but draws attention to the problem, at least. This distinguishes a work of art from the usual "crafts" for the sake of mass consumption, going on about the sentiments and realities of social movements. The film shows a very unobtrusive urgent problems of racism and humiliation of all kinds of minorities. Sometimes so subtly that the chance to celebrate for themselves something like this becomes more unattainable fantasy than fact sustainable. Which, of course, it is only a plus, in the days when films about black you can see less black than any Disney fairy tale about a princess.
At the same time, the film is incredibly pleased with its relationship to the focus on a variety of small details scattered all over the timing and appearing periodically in the dialogues, characters, action, plot developments, and through banal objects in the frame. Like cogs in the mechanism of the plot structure of any serious way affect the development or modification of the story, but unequivocally determine its significance and the delicacy of the director with the script. They create a feeling, as mentioned earlier:. Living, as well as bulk-related and, most importantly, a complete history
Speaking about how the picture looks and sounds, it is necessary to identify, that the joint work of the operator Shawn Porter and composer Chris Bowers creates amazing the atmosphere of jazz music magic, melodious current not only from the radio or taverns with concert halls, and of time itself, straight from that era, which operates the picture. In many respects, the mood and feeding, the tape reminds some classic comedies and dramas of the late twentieth century.
About "Green Book", you can write a lot more, so it is rich in art, representative of the genre. From the foregoing it follows that in this film perfectly still. And though it may sound a little biased, but who needs objectivity, when the facts speak for themselves. This film is not that we do not doubt in his highly artistic value, he just does not give a reason, and that really there - the desire, at least try to do it. This is an example of how it should look, operate and interact with the audience this movie, no discount is able to claim the title of the true works of cinematic art. We can confidently say that the "Green Book" - is the crown of creation directing mind of Peter Farrelly, has all chances to become a modern classic and go down in history for many, many years, if not forever. Bravo, master!
P.S. Kiss of the children.
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