"The Great Gatsby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

New York was not built in New York, not many believed, and especially do not want to populate it with his multi-ethnic population, but the events as always mark their causes and their we can not always predict. After the war, 'a city of great temptations' became popular in social circles as a place of great opportunity and permutations, because began to arrive from all over America, in order to taste the sensation of the coastal air, the financial quality and celebratory routine, which could choke on everything, even those who absolutely did not want. New York 20th - indicative structure of capital life, which is feared in the Union, envied in the democratic camp and could not be tested in practice, reinstall who like themselves have members in all of this festival, the infamous and debauched, who was the grandeur of the country itself, which was described by Fitzgerald, and accurately described. But the main figure of his most famous novel was the man who had been watching all of this carnival, standing at the window of his huge mansion, or at night, leaving the pier, trying to catch the green light in the distance, stretch out his hand for luck, it will come, man, who not only lived in riches and honor, but who wanted to be loved and noble in his case, the man who many compared to the 'Age of Enigma' - Mr. Gatsby ...
start talking about the painting itself. I am very impressed by the way the creators of this enchanting philosophical adaptation of a very bold concessions large audience and made up my notes so brilliantly that even support digital frame, hardware, music orchestra, poured into retro new modern dance tune, golden graph displayed all the well-being of the western Empire, in which she was drowning (I even appeared in some frames these moments slightly paraphrased, and changed the meaning of the story), as a liner, roaming about on the waves of the North Atlantic, costume design and sound playback only improved the cover of this work. I've now realized who is the innovator, Luhrmann introducing their attacks in the action that the right to play and with the soul that it in some way replays very formulation, alters it with every second that the viewer is required to go on this creation. I confess I'm not too carried away by this mixture of Art Nouveau of conditions, I took them as directed by the finding that can be traced not so often in the modern variant illustrations of many works, but it is the discovery was not entirely appropriate, so to speak, a few extra. In this mythological parade, I would like to see the United States the Depression, which literally and figuratively trying to fight the problem of the person, his attitude to the situation, and the problem insurmountable crisis verge of reasoning, which I am sure, could somehow allude to this situation, in the end, to see a simple display of an unfortunate history, but instead, I saw the style of the rich and alive in some other period in other colors and priorities in other spiritual harmony, but I also saw hectares lantnogo gentleman in the official dress code, practically no effect on him, who wanted to remain secretive, but, as demanded the story goes in the people and the party becomes even more festive on his arrival, the very gorgeous and seductive millionaire in on a deserted island, who visited all, one of the most prestigious roles Leonardo DiCaprio - from the very first minutes of magical allegories I do not admire the image, even if he was, and mainly, I was not satisfied with them in this drama, but soon I followed his character the depth of the heart, with the words with which he began his touching story, and the last words that he could tell his lover - here on this sample, I found it, and how I had it clear
Among the remaining characters I was fascinated by the game. 'sensual princess' Carey Mulligan, whose work I have recently started to be interested in, I just was immediately clear this image without any transitions and waste; by itself, the narrator Tobey Maguire - one of the major stories affecting the target figures, which I was also shocked, but a little smaller, just praise for one of the exemplary dramatic roles in his arsenal; Lovers Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher - Encouraged arrogant and with each new meeting person, I would have allocated to the neutral character; Elizabeth Debicki - feigned character that many facts withholding, but this is the highlight of this role, elegant kapitalistka, which does not wish to be them, it goes further, it lures to all, including the narrator Nick, which is almost in love with her because it can not tell the same thing, and he does not see a future with insidious married woman. In general, the composition is good, excellent, no misses.
environments used so I could not bear, and therefore would not want to live in a surrealist society, which would simply kill me, what should cause reading books. View a new film adaptation I was attracted only by the fact that the progress of the film industry is not standing in one place and embellished details the performance of their own means, thereby presenting an image of something similar to our incident time, familiar to everyone, as if the characters speak with the public 'in tune' to lure her razgoryachit, but, in principle, such a story, I would not call 'good' another film about Gatsby, after all, not a single movie is already out on the grounds of this attractive Rhapsody, I might be more carefully carried away by their study as SOURCE ika game, but if you want to see all the expensive silk Persian curtains and with a fountain in the middle of rooms - be sure to look at a new picture Baz Luhrmann, I will not insist on it, simply advise ever be for all its everlasting journey to attend the house of Man without knowledge coming at a banquet hanging from the ceiling imaginary pieces of glass, something similar to the chandeliers ... Do not miss this opportunity!
8 out of 10

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