"The Great Gatsby" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The Great Gatsby (This is a two-hour painting, which is also a simultaneous adaptation of wonderful work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote more and known to you "Zagaduchnuyu story of Benjamin Button," which I have read, I looked through literally five minutes ago, and I write, so to speak, on a clear head . Talk about the story, naturally, I'm not, because I try most of their reviews to save you from unnecessary detail, which can then ruin your impression of the film.
I'll start with the fact that I was in before this struck first film extremely colorful with a bright color correction -. everything is full, shining, sparkling, AAA Generally, the film is a lot like a fairy tale for adults by their exaggerations, conditional inaccuracies for heighten the effect type drives a Cadillac Negro gold chains. when the black-and it is not particularly respected, and so on. I think you'd be without me noticed.
However, this picture has another feature that struck my youthful mind. Installation of the film ... he is unusual. Unusual as well as the staging of the frame, and the camera work as a whole. Again, I think that you will notice is from the first frame, and I do not need to explain what's what.
soundtrack. Let's talk about it. The soundtrack is very ... strange, I could not find another word. What do I mean by the word "strange"? No, it's not like the main theme of "Birdman", I'm sure you still remember it. The fact that the events of the film take place in the early twentieth century, and it would be logical to fill the picture of music in those years, but there it was. The director goes in a different way. He takes the known compositions of contemporary artists and connects them with the atmosphere of the twenties, and thereby achieve an amazing bouquet, which came to my liking. Actually, I just love these bold decisions. Why do I call them brave? Just not everyone will be able to organically combine some pop with the nascent twentieth century on the screen, but here it's all right, believe me
also want to mention because I liked spans over both painted on the computer, and real scenery.: houses, made in medieval style, urban districts, bays. Very complement the overall picture.
More pleased me a simple but entertaining visual decision to allocate general plan of the city suburb of bright and warm colors, and the city itself and the landfill serving the dividing line between these two little world, dark and cold colors.
We were pleased as me and graphics in this film, which is, incidentally, abound. In some moments all the action even of a certain kind of like a cartoon, but it's not nearly affect the perception of the painting, and even brings it even more colors. I do not know, it was done intentionally or by accident, but in any case such a course deserves your attention.
Well, now, I think you should go to the actors. Immediately, I note that this film could be a sign to you on kartinochku of memasov where Leonardo DiCaprio raises a glass full of champagne over the head with a friendly smile and sky in the background is dotted with bright lights, fireworks. Actually, I'll start with DiCaprio. Here he plays a very inimitable and Gatsby. And, oh God, how good it is in this role, as in any other. You look at the character, played by them, and you see a man with a bright smile, but do not hurry to trust him with their secrets, because at first it does not cause any confidence drops. Almost the entire film Leo goes with that same smile, but in the end gives stirred up my mind range of emotions. And he gives this range of emotions so suddenly that I was, I confess, even slightly I jumped at. I would even call character Leo protagonist of the movie, do not be here Tobey Maguire, known to you by the very first Spider-Man, who played Nick Kerreueya, bond trader, who later became a close friend of Gatsby. This according to him, we learn so complicated story, dedicated to Jay Gatsby. And, unlike Gatsby, despite the hero Toby, do you see a young man with an open mind, ready to do service in difficult times and come to the rescue, with cute appearance and a bright smile, not a man hiding behind a stretched Hollywood smile of his own skeletons in the closet . In the film, very few scenes where the hero Maguire would shout in anger or simply shouting that personally I was pleased, because you do not really want to say goodbye to the kind of good-natured guy with dimples. More note girl named Carey Mulligan, which played here character named Daisy. He coped with the role of the heroine, pitying the lost time. About her role in the story there is no need to say, as a matter of fact the whole story on it and built. Better note of her husband on the plot of the film, played by Joel Edgerton, who had to get dirty in many mediocre films that you can see just nothing to do, but here it is very good, especially his mustache. You know, he has such appearance, allowing it plausible to put into edakogo asshole screen, which is always looking for excuses their misdeeds. More here to talk not about anyone, except that of Elizabeth Debicki, which inherited the role of Daisy's friend, Jordan Baker. From her character the entire film pulls a mysterious mystery, sorry for the tautology, but, as for me, this is the perfect phrase to describe this character. I will say more about Jason Clark, the hero who worked at the gas station and played a very important role in the plot, even if his character and minor. He, by the way, like Joel Edgerton had to lie in govnetsa, for example, in the last part of the "Terminator" I just hated for the parasite on the classics and frankly dull and sewn with white thread plot, but we do not know. In this film by Joel in his place. The rest of the actors are just as good, and in the course of the film, I did not notice a single falsehood or replay. In general, as the great Stanislavsky said, BELIEVE!
To summarize what is a cautionary love story, after seeing that some people will think clearly and that is worth a look if only for the Leo and Toby, colorful pictures and a wonderful soundtrack)

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